My Must Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories

Got yourself a fancy new MacBook Pro? Congrats! Not only are they super sexy and tops in quality (now without the butterfly keyboard!), they are ultra-portable and a great travel companion. That said, they do need a little help on the road. With that in mind, here is my list of must-have MacBook Pro travel accessories.

Should You Upgrade to a MacBook Pro?

My Top 10 Must Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories

Before diving into this list of my must-have MacBook Pro travel accessories, I wanted to share how I got into the Pro line. Maybe you are on the fence about upgrading like I was.

After 6 years (including three trips around the world!) I have finally retired my beloved MacBook Air. It was a sad day as it truly was by far the best laptop I have ever owned. It was portable, incredibly reliable, and performed well.

On the positive, I have upgraded to a 13″ MacBook Pro. I was less than enthusiastic about the upgrade but at the time, the MacBook Air refresh doesn’t offer much bang for the buck, making the MacBook Pro a better purchase. It’s roughly the same size and weight, both have the dreaded butterfly keyboard, however, the Pro’s internals are far superior. After talking myself out of switching to a Surface Laptop, I landed on the Pro.

It wasn’t love at first type.

Not only is the keyboard clackity, but the ergonomics of it took some serious getting used to. That all said, things have improved drastically and I have come around on my purchase, although it was the MacBook Pro travel accessories that won me over.

Cover-Up With a Wooden Skin

First up on this list of my favourite MacBook Pro travel accessories is the incredibly cool wood protector from Cover-Up. I had one on my MacBook Air and loved it. Not only did it keep my lid free of dings and dents, but it also garnered more than its share of attention, and with good reason. These covers are incredibly well made and definitely set my MacBook apart from the sea of laptops at coffee shops and airports around the world!

My Top 10 Must Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories

Where to find this MacBook Pro Travel Accessory? –> You can purchase these skins straight from Cover-Up’s website. Expect a week or so for crafting and delivery.

One Dongle to Rule Them All

My Top 10 Must Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories

Besides the keyboard, the next biggest downfall of the new MacBook Pro is the lack of diverse ports. Gone is the SD card slot, dedicated video, USB-A, and MagSafe power I loved on my MacBook Air. Instead, you get USB-C…two of them. ?‍♂️

This is a challenge for a travel blogger. I use SD cards and several hard drives for photo management. Thankfully, there are dongles out there that make this transition easier. I went with the DoDoCool USB C Hub for its small form factor and direct connection to the MacBook Pro. This takes the dongle feel out of it. It also comes in space grey so looks great as well.

This gets me a USB-A port for legacy items, an SD card slot, a Thunderbolt USB-C port, and an HDMI port. It makes for a great dock at home and easy connections on the go.

Where to find this MacBook Pro Travel Accessory? –> Amazon!

Have Cables, Will Travel

Hand in hand with the new dongle comes more cables. Since there is only USB-C on the MacBook Pro, it made sense to swap out some of my old USB-A cables where possible. Example, I replaced both my SSD and HD hard drive cables. I also grabbed a longer cable for my power on the go.

Where to find this MacBook Pro Travel Accessory? –> You can get an assortment of cheap and reliable USB-C cables on Amazon. I went with a AUKEY 6ft cable for my power adapter and a couple of short right-angles USB-C cables for my hard drives.

Backup That Backup

Speaking of hard drives, I use two separate drives for my photo workflow. One is the super speedy Samsung SSD T5. This houses my laptop backups and Lightroom catalogue which is done for two reasons,

  1. My MacBook Pro laptop is only 256GB,
  2. I can use that catalogue on any device, Mac or PC, to edit photos in Lightroom.

I also carry a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB with me. This houses my original raw photos and a backup of my SSD drive (ie Lightroom catalogue).

I carry both these drives in my carry on to minimize loss. I carry a separate Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB drive as a backup for both in my checked luggage the rare time I check luggage.

Where to find this MacBook Pro Travel Accessory? –> Amazon!

Power to Move

The positive of having only USB-C is that I can consolidate powering devices. As such, I use the Anker 30W Ultra-Compact Type-C Wall Charger for travel to charge my MacBook Pro as well as my Nintendo Switch, thus eliminating the need to carry two chargers. On top of that, it’s incredibly small!

2023 Update – I have upgraded to this multi-port charger that also includes travel adaptors!

Where to find this MacBook Pro Travel Accessory? –> Amazon!

Cancel That Noise

Another MacBook Pro travel accessory of sorts is Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. As noted in my post on AirPod Pro vs Bose for travel, I have both. Why? Because the AirPods are compact for travel but lack a cord to connect to an in-flight entertainment system. I use the AirPod Pros for short trips and the Bose QC 35II’s for long hauls. Both are great for working in coffee shops though!

Where to find this MacBook Pro Travel Accessory? –> Although the Apple store is great for all things Apple, does carry Apple products now, often on sale. I purchased my Bose QC 35II’s through Amazon as well.

Better Feels

I was intrigued by the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar but, as suspected, it’s pretty gimmicky. There isn’t a lot of functionality to it, unless you install a third-party app like BetterTouchTool. This has changed my opinion on the touch bar. I now use it for controlling my music, quickly seeing the weather, switching between apps, and even running macros for my workflows. It’s great and a must-have MacBook Pro accessory. At just $21 for a lifetime licence, it’s also a helluva deal.

Keyboard & Mouse

My Top 10 Must Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories

With the horrible MacBook Pro keyboard comes the need for a better typing experience, at least when at home. I use the Apple Magic Keyboard when docked at home and my wrists love it.

For my mouse, at home, I use the Apple Magic Trackpad. Thanks to its pocketable size and click-in-to-shape form factor, I use the Arc mouse from Microsoft (gasp!) when travelling.

Staying Connected

And what it the use of a MacBook on the go if you have nothing to connect to? To fill that need, I use TEP Wireless. This is my one-stop wireless access point. No need to fuss with SIM cards for your phone, just pre-load it with the destinations you are going to and enjoy.

On top of that, you can connect up to multiple devices. This means savings if travelling with others or sharing with your phone and MacBook Pro.

If you are OK with hot setting up a hotspot from your phone then I recommend using Airalo eSim cards instead. This is my new go to as it is one less device to pack around and power.

READ MORE: What is an Airalo eSim and why you Need One

What MacBook Pro Accessories Do You Use?

So there you have it, my favourite MacBook Pro accessories for travel. Aa you can see, it’s pretty minimal but incredibly functional. They helped turn this sceptical MacBook Pro user to a believer…at least until the new MacBook Pro 13 ” with an improved keyboard comes out!

What say you?
What are your Must-Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories?

Let’s hear it!

My Top 10 Must Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories
My Top 10 Must Have MacBook Pro Travel Accessories

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