To the Mothers of Travel Bloggers

To the Mothers of Travel Bloggers 1

Happy Day Mothers of Travel Bloggers


To the Mothers of Travel Bloggers:

I know for a fact that none of your mother’s are as kick ass as mine but I am sure they are great. So today, be sure to let them know that – that they are great, not that they are a distant second to my mother…that would be cruel. My mother has done soooooo much for me, even more so being one of the mothers of a travel blogger. She has been a big part of making my biggest trips possible. Example – She once flew in to help me get my house ready for the renter. Like a horrible son, I was out late the night before we were to show the house. She ended up doing much more than planned…and I slept. I suck…but its ok because I know I suck, and I know my mother is great. Does it work like that? I am very lucky and am very thankful for her.

Happy Mothers day mom and to all the Mothers of Travel Bloggers.


Please note: This is not mother, nor is it my Grandmother or anyone I am related to. I googled Mothers day and this is what I got. So I dunno…she is probably somebodies mother?…and probably makes great pies…and I like pies so i guess that counts?

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