To the Luna Cafe 1

Pre-Europe Erin and I were able to spend a night in Toronto catching up with her friends. Included in those friends were Matt and Steph who traveled with Erin to Europe 5 years ago and have moved to and recently back from Halifax. Good times were had. Not wanting to give a bad first impression to our new travel mates we called it a somewhat early night.

The next morning my mother (who now calls Ontario home) showed up at our hotel with a surprise chauffeur. My Aunt Alison drove 5 hours from northern Ontario to surprise us. I’m sure she was swayed to make the long trek by promise of a great meal at a restaurant called the “Luna Cafe” which came highly recommended to my mother. I had checked the location of the “Luna Cafe” online the night before and noted it was 30+ blocks away from our hotel but was sold on my Mothers word. She called and made us a reservation to which was not a problem. She then inquired about parking and again was not an issue. With that we headed out. Upon arriving my mother seemed a bit confused as it did not look like the pictures online. We verified the address and decided that it had to be the correct restaurant and then proceeded inside. We were greeted with a very empty coffee shop. Thankfully we had reservations. After ordering my mother realized that it was the ‘Luma cafe” she was told about which happened to be walking distance from our hotel. She blamed it on her friends lisp. I blamed it on her brains lisp.

The food turned out to be really good but that didn’t really matter as the company was great. We had a good laugh about it and her inquires about reservations and parking.

One very long flight over the Atlantic later we realized that maybe my mother actually meant the “Cafe de Luna” in Paris…

More to follow…

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