Tips to Make Your Riviera Maya Trip Perfect

The Riviera Maya on the southeast coast of Mexico is the perfect place for a vacation. The region is packed with culture, beautiful golden sand beaches, nightlife, and activities. Staying in Riviera Maya is comfortable with a good range of accommodation options. Many opt for Riviera Maya all-inclusive resorts as they offer comfort, exclusive beaches and pools, and plenty of entertainment and sports. Still, it’s good to know a few Riviera Maya tips before you visit. Here are a few of my favourite:

Explore Mayan Ruins

First up on this list of Riviera Maya tips is to make sure you take in the history. No visit to the Riviera Maya is complete without a visit to a Mayan archaeological site. Some are small buildings others are cities with many buildings very well preserved. When you’re here you may want to consider visiting the following sites:


Xel-Há is one of the smaller sites when compared with sites such as Cobá and Chichén Itzá, and this means it is less crowded. Xel-Há’s jungle setting is perfect for the buildings that you will see here. Xel-Há was once a vibrant port and connected to the city of Cobá. When you are here, you will take it all in by walking through shaded trails.

You may want to incorporate your visit here with a trip to a cenote or the aquatic theme park.

Chichén Itzá

Although incredibly popular Chichén Itzá is the one site, you have to visit. A Wonder of the World, the once Mayan city complex, has been amazingly preserved. It’s thought that the city was once a vibrant commercial and religious hub. The Castillo pyramid that dominates the site almost certainly has religious significance.


Cobá was once a vibrant city that saw Chichén Itzá as a rival. It gives us an exciting glimpse into how the Mayan’s thought. The hub of this city is a pyramid with a road network that connects to surrounding villages.

Close by are locals who are happy to sell you handicrafts when you visit here.

Where to Eat at the Resorts

Next up on this list of Riviera Maya Tips is all about where to eat. Most resorts feature fantastic restaurants where you can dine in style. If you want to try something different each day or just want to eat traditional dishes, there are plenty of options available on our all-inclusive hotel modality.

You can choose between buffets, several á la carte restaurants, pool restaurants, beach bars, different bars through the resorts… Brazilian, Mexican, Mediterranean or Japanese food are just some of the types of cuisine options between you can choose!

Depending on which one of our all-inclusive resorts you stay, you would have until 15 different á la carte restaurants, specially design for delighting your senses.

A Great Day at your Resort

Many resorts offer plenty of activities. Here’s a snapshot:

  • A beach day on a private beach.
  • Why not enjoy soccer, basketball, volleyball, gyms, aerobics, and spa.
  • Dance the night away at a party, enjoy theme nights, and benefit from the entrance to nightclubs with local drinks paid for.
  • Learn to dive with diving lessons and private pools.
  • The fun and wonder are endless in Tulum. Try it; you’ll never want to leave.

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