Things to do Online in Canada When there’s Time to Kill

Canada is a remarkable country with rugged landscapes, vibrant cities, forests that stretch for miles, and natural wonders. That said if you’re there on business or perhaps you have time to kill you may be stuck for entertainment. With this in mind, let’s look at things you can do online to keep boredom at bay.

If you’re at an airport or waiting for a train you may find the following invaluable.

Stream a Movie

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney + are all great streaming services that allow you to watch a film on the go. The only downside to streaming a film is that it lacks interaction. That said, a two-hour wait for a train, bus or plane feels like a long time. Happily, you can watch a two-hour film and by the time you reach the end, you’re good to go.

Online Casinos – Check Out LeoVegas review for Canada

If you like an online play you may want to check out LeoVegas review for Canada. Good online casinos offer plenty of mobile options for slots, card games, roulette, and every other type of game you can think of. When looking for a good mobile site ensure that it is regulated by a gambling authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority. This way, you know that the site is legit.

Providing you have done your homework and checked out LeoVegas reviews for Canada, and performed diligence on other sites you may want to play, you should be good to go.

Never bet more than you can afford.


Any shopping site worth its salt is going to have a great mobile app that makes it easy to see products and purchase them. If you have a few hours to kill, why not fire up your favorite shopping app and have a browse. If you can’t find something on one site, there’ll be something on another so take your time and enjoy the experience.

Play a Game

App stores are full of games to suit all tastes, so why not play one while you’re waiting for things to happen? Games have a way of taking up hours of time even if the concept is simple. Whether you’re playing a Tetris-style game to Candy Crush there is something for you. In fact, while you’re at an airport why not try a new game. You may find a gem.

Listen to the Radio

Listening to the radio in a foreign land is always an insightful experience. You can get a picture of the culture by listening to the radio, especially talk radio channels that discuss current affairs in that country, in this case, Canada. Although you may be from another English-speaking country, you’ll be surprised at the cultural differences that exist between them and the different approaches media takes from one land to another.

Learn a Language

If you’re heading out of Canada to a distant land why not learn a new language? There are good learning apps that help you hold a conversation in another tongue and are perfect if you want to start to learn the basics of a new language when you have time to kill.

There are great ways to kill time in Canada with your cell phone, give a few a try.

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