The World’s Best Cocktails & Where You Can Try Them

One way to travel would be to go around the world, tastebud-first, hoping for something delicious to land on your tongue. If you are a particular fan of cocktails, then you can certainly add these into the mix as well to make those travels even more fun. So that begs the question: where in the world are the best cocktails, and what exactly are they? Read on if you would like to find out more about where you can find the world’s best cocktails.

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The mimosa is a favourite, and you can easily see why. It’s got a lot of freshness to it, but it also has a true kick of alcohol from the champagne, so you know that it’s also going to do the trick if you are keen to get drinking. It can be a perfect start to the party kind of drink, and many hotels will greet you with a mimosa. You can find the best way to make mimosas here if you want to make them yourself, but for the best made for you, you should check out San Francisco, believed to be the home of the original mimosa cocktail.


The Negroni is an old Italian classic, so it’s hardly surprising that the best haunts to find it are in Italy. Specifically, you will find this being served in pretty much any bar in any of the major cities, but it’s got some particularly good examples in Florence and Venice. A good negroni is very strong and really hits the back of the throat, and that’s definitely what you’ll find here – though watch out because the price of it might send you spinning more than the booze itself.


A hurricane is pretty much all rum, with some fruit juice mixed in and sometimes a little sugar. It sounds simple, and on paper it is, but there are definitely better and worse hurricanes out there. And one of the very best in the world has to be in New Orleans, at the Pat O’Brien bar where it got its start. This drink will be sure to get you drunk, and it’s also a very refreshing and heartening thing to have inside you on a hot day, so it’s well worth giving it a go.

No. 1 Cup

You might not ever have heard of the No. 1 Cup. After all, it is a very modern and recent drink, and practically unheard of outside of its native Japan. What you’ve got here is an effervescent cocktail which pays homage to that much-loved Japanese staple, sake, in combination with the British Pimm’s. If that sounds strange, it’s a really unique taste on the tongue for sure, and it’s definitely unlikely anything else you might have tried. The place to go for it is The SG Club in Tokyo, arguably Asia’s single-best bar.

Those are just some of the world’s best cocktails that you might want to try out on your travels.

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