The waiting game.

Still not much to say on the housing idea. I put my low ball’n offer in a couple weeks back and am hoping they will budge and come back with something soon. The market has definitely leveled off as house’s that once were going in a couple days are now sitting for a few weeks. Time will tell but hope to hear something this weekend.

The concrete front:

I smashed up a lot of concrete last weekend. Once done I stood back and admired my manly work and praised my manly man-ness. I then thought “Now what?” Out of curiosity I called a bob cat operator to give me a quote on removing the ruble. He wanted $1200!!! F’ that noise! It’s free to dump! Yes times are good for trades people in this city as he went on about how busy he is. “Im very happy for you” I said and held back from telling him to get off my property. Crook.

Canada Day should be a good one for me. Erin, Justin and Allison are coming to town. Good times to follow.

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