My new ride has arrived in LA after being shipped from Detroit via Phoenix. Why LA you ask? Or Detroit for that matter? Well about 4 months ago I started looking at new vehicles as my current ride, although reliable, wasn’t going to cut it for me anymore. (Picking up trim from Home depot became a tough task.) So after looking at Jeeps in town I priced out ones in the states. As expected they averaged $7000 – $10,000 cheaper. Around the same time Erin and I came to the conclusion that although fun, long distant dating was hurting the pockets so we agreed on the big move. To soften the shock of moving across the country we decided on a road trip that would satisfy our travel hunger for awhile. I decided on getting a Jeep in the LA area and then, without fully thinking it through, purchased a one way ticket to LA where Erin would meet me, worldly possessions in hand and we would drive home up the coast. Fantastic.

After searching and searching and more searching I found it hard to find anything worth while in the LA area. I finally found a Jeep in Dallas and arranged to have it shipped to LA. Perfect. Two weeks later I found that the dealer could not sell to me as the Jeep was brand new. Crap. So with less than 2 weeks till my one way flight to LA and Erin’s move, I was Jeepless. to complicate things further I had put out invites to friends to which 2 couples accepted. Justin and Allison are going to be spending time with me in LA and then we are picking Erin up and heading to Las Vegas via San Diego. In Vegas they are to head home and another couple, David and Amanda arrive for a couple more days of fun. (did I mention this also ties in my birthday?)

So with less than 1 week before leaving I found “Blue.” A Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by a Chrysler executive in Detroit, sold to a wholesale dealer in Phoniex and shipped to my hotel in LA. Sound complicated? If all goes as planned and I pull this off I will be very happy with myself

In the end I am saving about $8,000 but a chunk of that is going towards the ride home, Below is the proposed route:


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Details and updates to follow on route. Right now I have some serious cleaning to do before Erin arrives. What gets green jello off walls and hardwood floors?

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