The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home

So the plan was to spend a night in Prague on the way to Frankfurt. Gavin informed us that the hostel we booked was flea infested so we opted to head straight through to Frankfurt on a night train. Big mistake as the sleepers were booked. We ended our Europe train travel in a dank car getting little to no sleep. We did luck out with a Super 8 like motel just outside of Frankfurt. I say lucked out because there is a World Cup game here on the 1st, the day we fly home.

Its finally here and I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me wants to go home but I know after a couple days I will be anxious and want to move again. Luckily I will be. I am heading north to Yellowknife for a friends wedding then am going to Ontario to visit family. I’m hoping to continue the good life and tour the east coast a little…another adventure, and hopefully meeting up with people I have met in Europe.

As for the Blog, I will try and keep it going as my retirement is not yet finished. Hopefully there will be some good stories to tell coming up. I also have some pictures to post but there is problems with this blogger site and uploading pics. I have also started collaborating some lists of questions people have asked about Europe and my thoughts. I will post those soon.

For those without plans for Canada day and are in the Edmonton area, we will be trying to go to the new Sidetrack Cafe when we get in around 11:00 pm. Im sure we will be spent from flying but it is Canada day. Hope to see some of you there!

This concludes Part 1. Its been fun!

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