Visiting The Intrepid in New York, New York

Visiting The Intrepid in New York, New York 7

Visiting The Intrepid in New York, New York

Wow. 5:00 am and camping in September sucks. Luckily while I was trying to get warm in the shower, Paul and Alison tore down the campsiPicture 401te. They have been great and I had a lot of fun with them. Lots of laughs…I even caught Paul folding my clean underwear. Creepy but a nice gesture. Underwear aside, I highly recommend touring with them, you know, if you’re ever in the area.

But off to see the Intrepid in New York, New York.

Hugs and goodbyes and I was off to Newark airport. Landing there I got a good view of downtown New York. I also got a taste of Jersey and it ain’t pretty. Bogs and refineries. I grabbed my bag and met up with my brother Scott. I figures we didn’t have much time in New York but turned out we had about 6 hours. We hoped on a train and headed to Penn Station   Picture 486 where we ditched our bags. Scott had a tourist book of things to see/do in New York which I flipped through. The first thing that caught my eye was a WWII aircraft carrier naval museum. Sold. So very sold. Not so surprising if you have been following along.Picture 476

We made our way to the the Intrepid in New York and it was awesome. There is something so surreal about waking up in a tent (or in my brother’s case, a house boat) and then finding yourself on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the heart of New York. WTF? I was dumbfound by my surroundings ( again, a bit of a nerd.) The carrier was highlighted by an SR-71 Blackbird and the Concord which my brother loved. Have you ever been on a Concord? That’s right, 1 to nothing.

After the ship we made our way to times square, where again I say WTF??? then ate at a real New York deli. After lunch we strolled Broadway and said “Well, we don’t have time Picture 466for a show today but maybe the next time we are in New York…” which is next weekend. I grabbed a scheduled for some shows to peruse.

We stopped in a Virgin music store and then by the Empire state building before heading out to JFK airport for our flight to Iceland. One thing to mention about New York, the people (or at least the one’s we talked to) were awesome. Very friendly with a “in your face” sense of humor. It was great. The second thing I should mention about New York, don’t travel the Subway/train system at 5:00 pm on a Friday.

Off to Reykjavik!

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