Sagres – The Edge of the World

Sagres - The Edge of the World 7

Sagres – The Edge of the World

So after a couple days of…”recovering”, Jon and I decided to get up early (crack of noon) and rent some scooters. My brother suggested we check out Sagres which is 33 km out of Lagos. For some reason Jon’s bike went twice as fast as mine (I had her up to 45 km/h…downhill!) so it was a long and slow ride out but was well worth it. The view and weather was amazing. We drove our hogs up to the edge and took it all in. Made me think about Columbus when he rode his scooter to the edge of the world and wondered if it was indeed flat.

Picture 008

Here are some pics from the day:

Play safe kids

Were celebrating Jon’s birthday tomorrow. Humiliating pictures to follow.

Picture 005

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