The circle of Luck

The circle of Luck

So after getting some Riga nightlife I went back to the hostel with a Russian, a couple Aussie’s who study in Canada, a guy from Slave lake, and a couple Temu lovin Finnish girls. We had a great group to watch game 3 of the Oil/Ducks series. Of course the Oil win and the circle of luck begins. Had a blast and did not get to bed till 7:00. I slept through my alarm and woke at 11:40. My flight to Helsinki was at noon. I just laughed. I headed to the airport to try and sweet talk my way onto the 1530 flight. I got there with a sad story of forgetting my passport and having to go back to my hostel when the lady informed me that there was a mistake on my ticket and there was no flight at noon, only at 1530. On top of the the 1530 flight was delayed so I got free lunch. Everything was coming up Shaun! That is until the short hop over the Baltic. I was clearing customs when the officer started quizzing me about how long I have been traveling. Turns out that as a non EU citizen you are only allowed 90 days of travel in all the EU countries. Things that would have been good to know yesterday! I was taken to an interrogation area where a custom officer was slowly slapping on a pair of rubber gloves. My eyes grew large and I thought to my self, this is not happening! Turned out he was putting them on to search someone’s bag. Thank God!

The circle of Luck indeed.

After about 2 hours they came to the conclusion that they can only go by what dates are stamped in my passport. This is good because it has been stamped very few times and only adds up to about 30 days. Should be close to 100 I think.

So I am now in Helsinki and thankfully, able to walk without any discomfort. I am trying to get a visa to go to St.Petersburg but it takes a week and don’t think that will happen. Just trying to figure out my next move. Hopefully something will come along to sway me.

Till then….

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    Ha I have fears of running into issues with a foreign countries customs but would not expect to have issues in Finland!

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