Lagos – The Black Hole of Europe

Lagos - The Black Hole of Europe

The Black Hole of Europe

So after about 11 days, Jon and I finally escaped Lagos’s suction. It was hard but as some of you have heard, Jon got mugged at gun point a couple days back…This made it easier to leave. He is OK and very lucky to be. He had been using the phone across from the hostel, as he did almost every night. He got everything important taken but fortunately they tossed his passport, visa and debit card and someone turned them into the police. So he lost his Euro rail but we do have a protection plan that will reimburse him for a portion. Again, just lucky he did not get hurt bad.

Too bad that happened as I’m sure Lagos was Jon’s favorite place. We met a lot of cool people while staying at the “Rising Cock hostel” A definite party place and it will be missed, as will the black hole of Europe.

But time to move on.

In Seville Spain now and are going to take it easy for a couple days. Need a vacation from the vacation. It was 31 degrees here yesterday so that doesn’t hurt. Friends of friends are coming to town on the 5th so that will be nice.

I will post some more pics soon


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