The Ten Best Attractions in Orlando to Visit on Your Next Vacation

Orlando is one of the most famous cities for multiple reasons, including its prominent places that attract tourists from all over the globe. As per recent research, the city welcomes around ten million visitors per year. The top attractions of Orlando that cannot be missed at any cost are SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios.

The popularity of all these tourist attractions is making multiple investors interested in investing here. That’s why you will find numerous hotels, motels, restaurants, golf clubs, and much more in this fantastic city of theme parks. This city with a subtropical climate experiences both hot and rainy weather from May till October, but from November to April, the climate is favourable with optimal temperature. 

However, if you are planning to visit theme parks on your vacations but are unsure about the best places for that in the city, then don’t worry. Here, we will identify the best places in Orlando you must visit during the vacations. Additionally while planning the trip you must book your accommodation. You can easily find suitable and budget-friendly accommodation for your trip. For example, you can check out Universal Orlando hotel deals to have a luxurious and comfortable vacation experience.

Top Ten Best Attractions in Orlando:

Walt Disney World

More than 50 million visitors visit the site every year, which makes it not only the most visited area of Orlando but the best vacation spot to visit in the whole world. This place has four major parks, and all of them have their personal experiences and stories. The Magic Kingdom, Hollywood studios, Animal kingdom, and Epcot are real masterpieces everyone wants to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Sea World

Don’t consider Sea world as an average amusement park because it has a lot of surprises for the visitors. Along with the roller coaster, you will find an interactive aquarium there, where kids have a wonderful time. Additionally, there is an underwater shark tunnel, and it is considered to be the most extensive tunnel around the globe. It would help if you visited this place to spend quality time with the animals and sea world creatures.

Universal Orlando

If you are visiting Orlando to fly through the magic castle, then your dream can be fulfilled at “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” The parks have a lot of other incredible places to enjoy. Universal studio is ideal for the movie experience, and for an extra thrill, you can go to the Island of Adventure anytime. Elders, adults, children, and everyone else can have fun all day long.

Iconic Park

The most visible part of the iconic park is The Wheel, which is 400 feet. The wheel is considered, the tallest observatory of the East Coast. But, it doesn’t end there as there is much more to explore, including the wax recreation of celebrities at Madame Tussauds, Museum of Osteology, and many other attractive places to collect good memories. There are various other reasons to visit the iconic park as well, but you cannot miss any of the above-mentioned recreational spots.

Orlando Science Centre

It is like the cherry on the top when you learn about this place. But it would be best if you visit this place as words wouldn’t be able to do it justice. It displays multiple branches of science, including biology, mechanics, and applied technology. The thematic exhibitions always steal the show and are very educational for the visitors.

Orlando Museum of Art

This museum showcases fine art from the past 100 years, and visitors love to visit the museum to check the work of art. The fun part of the museum is that its free to visit “First Thursdays” of every month. It’s a party where you can enjoy food, music, and appreciate the latest work of artists. People who want to experience something in addition to painting can visit the museum for the Yoga classes as well.

Discovery Cove

This place is considered as one of the most famous places for visitors. The park provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to make a healthy interaction with ocean life. Interestingly, the visitors can swim with the dolphins and enjoy their time with them. There is a huge aviary, and it’s quite suitable for bird lovers or those who want to interact with the exotic birds. During the peak sessions, reservation requests for discovery cove are at their maximum, so if you’re going to reserve it, start booking before its too late.

Legoland Flordia

This unique type of amusement park is more focused on putting kids into the middle of the action. The Legoland water park is for all those children who want to enjoy building their rafts. Lego sculpture is made from millions of bricks that allow visitors to show their creativity by creating their own masterpiece. It’s a great inspiration for all the little visitors who find it stimulating to explore their creativity. There is a Lego Movie world for all the movie lovers, so if you want to spend some quality time with your beloved one, then it’s a must-visit for you. Give time to your family and capture every special moment.

Typhoon Lagoon

This water park is ideal for spending quality time in scorching weather, and that’s why tourists visit it most in summers. Swimming, kiddie rides, and splash areas make it perfect not only for the kids but adults as well. There is a quiet ride down the lazy river, and thrill rides that make the place worth visiting. You will observe various waterslides, and it’s for kids of all ages. And parents don’t need to feel left out as the sandy beach is a fun place where parents enjoy playing with their children as well.

We know that there are different reasons to visit Orlando, but this is ideal for families to spend quality time with each other.


In 1949, this place was nothing but a roadside attraction, but now it’s the most visited part of Orlando. In the park, visitors can head over to the alligator swamps. It’s the home of more than 2000 crocodiles and alligators and contributes significantly to education and conversation regarding Flordia Gator. Along with the tours, the place is suitable for close encounters. Even if you want to wander about aimlessly, we still recommend that you go and spend quality time there.


To lead an adventurous life is quite essential these days, so you must take some time out to explore the many wonderful places around the World. Orlando is one of those exceptional places with endless attractions and amusement parks. So, if you are planning to visit this place, then don’t skip any of the destinations mentioned above and make your vacations worth-remembering.

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