Taking an Alternative Trip to New York

If you mention New York to most people, then the chances are that they’ll think of landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and some good old-fashioned pizza pie! But if you’re looking to avoid the 59 million tourists who visit the Big Apple each year, there are plenty of alternative options in this sprawling metropolis.

So here’s a look at how everything from tranquil secret gardens to underground alternative art spaces and even some atmospheric casinos can give you a very different impression of this iconic city.

Skyscraper views without the crowds

The many skyscrapers of Manhattan are perhaps New York’s biggest attraction and it’s always a real mission to try and get the best photograph of the dramatic skyline.

But rather than fighting the crowds at the Empire State Building and the One World Observatory, you can get some great photos from rooftop bar at the Strand Hotel that faces the Empire State Building and it can also provide you with a refreshing cocktail to enjoy the view with!

Finding the perfect urban oasis

Central Park is probably the best-known place in the Big Apple to stop and catch your breath. And whilst there’s no shortage of inviting leafy nooks in this park, there are plenty of other places to get back to nature in New York.

Our favourite has to be the stunning Atrium at the Ford Foundation that’s earned a great reputation for its exotic range of subtropical plants that’ll help you forget that you’re in the middle of a teeming metropolis!

All-American pastimes

New York has a formidable sporting heritage with tickets for games by baseball teams like the New York Yankees and the New York Knicks basketball side often selling out in a matter of minutes.

So for a taste of true All-American gaming culture, heading out to the Resorts World Casino in Queens could provide you with a chance to play popular US card games in style. But be sure to check out a blackjack guide first so you don’t make any embarrassing newbie errors.

Artistic pursuits

The Big Apple is also renowned for its cutting-edge artistic heritage. And whilst museums like MoMA can give an impressive glimpse into the past of this trailblazing city, for a better way to find the pulse of the city’s newest artistic talent, you’ll need to head a little further afield.

Brooklyn is one of the hippest neighbourhoods on Earth, and with contemporary art spaces like The Chimney and Fastnet showing that innovative aesthetics can be found in all corners of this expansive city, it reveals that there’s no shortage of talent in the Big Apple.

So whether you’re checking online for blackjack tips for your next casino session in Queens, or are just taking it easy in a rooftop bar in Manhattan, there’s plenty to enjoy in New York without joining the hordes of tourists!

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