Surviving the Pink Palace

Surviving the Pink Palace 10

pics 051Surviving the Pink Palace

It was definitely an interesting week. Pink Ouzo to go with Pink Togas…a birthday I wont soon forget. Mountain top Quading followed by roll overs and broken bones (don’t worry mom, not mine or Jons). Late night improve jamming with the best Johny be Good I have ever heard…by a Brit, and strep throat and plenty on sun. This week had it all.

Surviving the Pink Palace – Don’t Drive Your Quad off a Cliff.

I will start with some pics taken on a quading trip we did. This was a lot of fun and very scenic as we drove up a few mountains on the island. It was also action packed as 2 of the girls almost killed each other…twice! I was lucky enough to be behind them when one of the girls slammed into the back of the other. This was followed by me spinning out and crashing into a wall to avoid them. Another girl almost drove of a cliff. You think that would scare somebody from quading. Not these girls. They rented them on there own the next day and one girl succeeded in driving of a cliff. From the sounds of it, she is very lucky she only broke her wrist and got some scratches. See pic below.

pics 021
Quading group Note 3rd girl from end (below)

Day after

My Birthday was a blast. The toga party was a lot of fun. There was Greek dancing, Ouzo shots (followed by a plate smashed on your head) and of course, plenty of cute girls dressed in pink togas. Almost worth the illness that followed for 4 days. Surviving the Pink Palace?

Happy Birthday to me.

Big Ben from Kent. Here I think he is playing Johnny be good. So funny.

pics 004

We ended the week hanging out with some very cool (and very cute) girls from Edmonton. Here is a picture of them the night we left…which happened to be another toga party. Would have liked to stay for that.

Anyway, in Athens now after a long night bus. Here for a few days. Meeting up with Jons parents and then I am off to Sweden and Norway for a week or so. Looking forward to that.


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