5 Strange Places To Visit In Australia

You probably think you know what to expect when you visit Australia. Sun, sand, beaches, good-looking people and lots of kangaroos, right? Of course, if you follow the mainstream itinerary down under – buy a used caravan and plan a road trip along the Gold Coast – you’ll find all those things. For those adventurous travellers looking to experience the less touristy places, here are the top five strange places to visit In Australia:

Wolfe Creek Crater

Back in 2005, an Australian horror movie set in Wolf Creek hit theatres across the world. The movie depicted a trio of backpackers who get lost when their car breaks down and are helped by local who turns out to be a murderous maniac.

It was considered one of the most terrifying movies ever made and is still scaring backpackers who venture out to this national park. Wolfe Creek has a massive crater at the center, which is what most tourists come looking for. But it’s worth a visit for horror movie fans too.

Devils Marbles

Strange Places To Visit In Australia

Despite the name, this place is considered one of the oldest religious sites in the world. Halfway between a trip from Alice Springs to Darwin, these oddly circular rocks are stacked everywhere.

Local Aboriginals call them Karlu Karlu. They’re really worth a visit, especially if you’re fit enough to hike up to them.

The Pink Lake

Port Gregory’s Pink Lake is…well, pink. It’s a lake with unusually high concentrations of salt and algae, which have transformed the colour of the water to bright pink over the years.

It’s a few hours drive from Perth. But over the last few years, another pink lake has formed within suburban Melbourne. For most travellers, the Port Melbourne pink lake would be easier to get to.

Umpherston Sinkhole

Strange Places To Visit In Australia
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/avlxyz/4304309099

Umpherston was once a cave in Mt Gambier, South Australia. When it collapsed in the 1800s, it left behind a massive sinkhole. The sinkhole has been around for so long that’s it’s now covered in flora and fauna.

It’s like a visit to an underground rainforest. Most people visit the sunken garden for the pictures they can take.

It’s a completely natural formation with a few man-made platforms for access. If you visit at dusk you can feed the possums that come out. There’s even a seating area with free barbeques facilities.

The Pinnacles

Strange Places To Visit In Australia

Last up on this strange places to visit in Australia list is the Pinnacles. A small patch of land in the Nambung National Park has developed limestone rock formations that are simultaneously eerie and beautiful. Walking across the yellow sand and standing next to these odd formations has been described by some visitors as ‘life on Mars’.

The Aboriginal owners of this site claim the formations are where people died while trying to cross the vast desert. They now serve as warnings to anyone looking brave enough to traverse the desert. This is the only such collection of limestone formations in the world.

Australia is weird and wonderful. If you’re willing to go off the beaten path, there is surely an adventure to be had.

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