Grenada (Spanish for free Tapas)

Grenada (Spanish for free Tapas) 4

Spanish for free Tapas

Had a good time in Grenada – which is Spanish for free Tapas. For every beer you bought at the bar you would get a free tapas. Fat man heaven. In some places each beer you bought moved you up a level to a better tapas. Very good deal and filling. But again, not near as good as the tapas´s in San Sebastian.

After a somewhat late night, both Jon and I managed to meet up at 10 am to go get tickets for the Alhambra. We made the hike up the hill to gates of the huge 11th century Muslim castle and found a huge line up. It looked like a rock concert. Definitely the hottest ticket in town. We waited in line for 2 hours but were able to get in by 2:00 pm. It was very cool and worth the wait. Definitely the best view in Spain from atop the guard towers. Also had very nice gardens and pools with fish…that like pringles.

I will post pictures soon. Next up, Barcelona.


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