Some people like cats….

On a recent trip home my mother made an interesting comment about my blog. She said all I write about is eating, drinking and traveling. Well…yes? (Insert blank stare here) Is that a bad thing? I think you write about what you know, what you like, and what interests you. I write about my life and what makes me happy about it. Is it wrong that some of the simple pleasures in life, like a cold pilsner form the Czech Republic, makes me happy? Does it mean I have a problem if I like to enjoy that cold pilsner while eating roast pork and dumplings? What about if I enjoy them best while being in Prague? Is there more to life than these simple pleasures? How about this, is there more to life than being happy? I just blew your mind didn’t I? I will pause here while you collect your gray matter.

So if you have been following along over the past couple years it is safe to say that yes, I love to eat and yes, I may enjoy a glass of red wine while doing so. But, if you have really been paying attention you would also know that:

– I love music
– I love live music
– I love sports
– I love watching professional sports in person

You see where I am going with this?

So what else is there? Well, family and friends for one. If you have followed the bouncing ball that is my life than there is no point in telling you that I enjoy all of the above better when surrounded by friends and family. The fact that I have a girl friend who may enjoy the same things even more than I do doesn’t hurt. Its like dating myself really, or as I described it to a friend the other night, ” Its like dating a dude…without the ugly parts.”

What else? How about religion? Hmmm…see sports and music.

So lets do the math…

If simple pleasures makes us happy then:

Simple pleasures = Happiness


(Food x Booze) + Travel = Happy Shaun

And if doing these simple pleasures with family and/or friends then:

Happy Shaun x (Family + Friends) = My blog.

And if I could do this everyday of the year? Well:

My blog x 356 = Better than you.

Just kidding…but it is safe to say I am doing alright.

So what are your simple pleasures? Are you indulging in them? If not then why? If so then do you consider yourself a happy person? Go ahead, crunch the numbers…

Bottom line, some people like to drink wine and eat brie in a Nappa Valley vineyard…and some people collect stamps:

And some people….well…some people like cats:

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Whatever makes you happy.

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