Sneaking Alcohol Into a Festival

Sneaking Alcohol Into a Festival 16

Or Cruise, Concert, or Other Outdoor Event.

Are you tired of spending top dollar for those summer festivals tickets only to be forced to open you wallet even further once through the gates? $11 for a beer? What magical brew are they serving? Oh wait, it’s warm Budweiser. What about that cruise you went on where you could bring sealed water bottles but no booze? Those delicious drinks with the tiny umbrellas in them add up fast and leave you with a hefty bill at check out. No more friends. Whether it is a cruise, concert, or outdoor event the following tip will save you time and money.

For a few years, I have been chasing these expensive beers with mixed drinks by discreetly (and not so discreetly) sneaking in alcohol into festivals. Now sneaking booze into a venue or concert is nothing new. I’m sure half my readers have bought a flask for this very purpose at some point in their life. Sooner or later we mature, we grow up, and we say “I’m above walking in awkwardly while clenching a mickey between my butt cheeks.” Congrats to you sir, you are now an adult …and as that adult, you are not above sneaking in vodka in a sealed water bottle, or at least that is what I keep telling myself. In the past, I had been using a combination of syringes, turkey basters, and clear silicon to inject and seal. These science experiments were always difficult to pull off, time-consuming; and although safely through the gates, inevitably left me with a leaky bottle. I recently stumbled upon this ridiculously easy method and am sharing it here. No more odd looks from friends when I ask them last minute where I can find a needle or baster.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what the consequences will be if you get caught with outside alcohol at your venue or cruise. Most likely it will be poured out or worse you will be kicked out. I have been kicked out of beer gardens but not venue grounds although I have a friend that has been. Obviously, try at your own risk.

IMG_4495 All you Need:

  • pliers
  • scissors
  • small flat head screwdriver or knife
  • boiling water
  • medium sized bowl or pot
  • 2 water bottles (same brand)
  • your vodka of choice

 Good to go?

1) Boil water.

2) Cut top off of one water bottle. Place in bowl.

3) Pour boiling water in a bowl.

4) Holding the submerged bottle top with the pliers carefully work your way around the cap with the screw driver.

5) Carefully pry the top off.

6) Fill the other water bottle with vodka.

7) Screw-on cap with seal.

8) Enjoy!

There you go. Give this trick a try, it will save you time and money. Now you can afford that $50 t-shirt!

Staying well hydrated at those outdoor festivals is key!

Again, try at your own risk…and don’t be a dumb ass and mix your drink in said water bottle. It gets you kicked out. Trust.

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