Size Matters Beer Tour in Munich – Tackling Big Beer in your 20’s vs your 30’s

As I stepped through the doors of the Euro Youth Hostel, our Size Matters Beer Tour meeting point, I had some major déjà vu. This feeling quickly turned to reality. I have been here before. Around 10 years ago I stayed at this very hostel and not only that, I had slept off one hell of a hangover after a beer tour. Suddenly this Size Matters Beer Tour review took on a whole new angle –what’s it like taking a beer tour in your 20’s versus your 30’s?

Let’s find out.

Size Matters beer tour

As I halfheartedly scanned the wall of bills behind the bar for the $5 Canadian bill I posted on my last visit, I met our host Tim. A chat and a shot of Jamison is all it took for me to decide that I liked Tim. Although his story on how he followed a girl from his home in Kenya to Germany was enough, his attitude behind why he started Size Matters Beer Tours was more inspiring.

If you’re smart, you do what you love.

Well said. This made me think of the circumstances that led me to Munich in my 20’s, and now my 30’s. Although both were for the love of travel (and beer), I didn’t get smart about it until my 30’s and made it a job. If only Size Matters Beer Tours and Tim’s outlook was around on my first visit, how the space between could’ve been different.

But I digress. Let’s drink some seriously great beer.

Size Matters beer tour

More than just a beer tour

Several times throughout the night, Tim took the group aside and gave a rundown on the brewery we were visiting or historical sites we were passing by. Although as the night went on it was like herding drunk cats, the idea that Size Matters is more than just drinking great beer was not lost. This is something that I respected in my 30’s but may have been lost on me in my 20’s. I certainly don’t remember getting an education the first time around, but truthfully, it could’ve happened. As we posed for photos in Königsplatz, a historical spot a little too heavy for my current state, this crossed my mind. This thought was quickly lost when talk of the next pint came up. Turns out a beer tour in your 20’s isn’t so different than in your 30’s.

Size Matters beer tour
Size Matters beer tour
Size Matters beer tour

Flavour Country

One thing’s for sure, I was blown away by the beer in Germany in my 20’s as well as now. The main difference was the lack of beer knowledge I had back then. In my 20’s I was drinking what was cheapest or had the most influential ad campaign. Coming to Germany opened my eyes to what good beer actually is and how simple ingredients are made for the purist brew. Since then I have matured and appreciate great beer. From the craft beer scene in Vancouver to those found in Cape Town and Sydney, to the big players like Guinness in Ireland and Pilsner Urquell in the Czech Republic, I’ve tasted some of the best.

Still, Bavaria holds its own.

It was a surprise we weren’t heading to the world-famous Hofbrauhaus on this Size Matters Beer Tour but as Tim says, he handpicks the best and less tourist trap locations. This was a refreshing change and got me to some completely new places including a cool cellar of a beer hall.


Our last stop on our Size Matters Beer Tour had very little to do with beer. It was a trendy club that felt out-of-place on this great night out, but I totally understand why it’s there. Those in their 20’s can drink the night away. Although I probably stuck around at a place like this in my 20’s, I’m not convinced I liked it any more than I do in my 30’s. With that in mind, we headed back to the hostel bar where the Size Matters Beer Tour started. Much like I did in my 20’s, I enjoyed the company of those on the tour but with much less painful results.

Where you crash once you get kicked out of your hostel after a Munich beer tour in your 20’s. In my 30’s I stumbled across the street to my fancy hotel.

Choose Size Matters Beer Tour

Whether you’re backpacking in your 20’s or on a gap trip in your 30’s or above, Size Matters Beer Tour in Munich is for you. Yes, it’s a party and yes, it caters to the hostel crowd. That said, it’s by no means for that crowd only. The tour is about the beer and the history it plays in this historical city. Tim and company do an excellent job ensuring that isn’t lost on you.

They also get you drunk.

Win. Win.

Don’t just take my word for it though, Size Matters Beer Tour has great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Size Matters beer tour

 Size Matters in Munich Good to Know

Tour cost: Online € 15 / At signups € 20
Includes:  Up to 4 Beer Gardens / Halls (weather dependent)
3 Free Beers or Cocktails at the Euro Bar (where we start and end)
1 Jaegermeister Shot

Don’t Miss: Traditional Bavarian Food is also available on tour at the first beer garden/hall. It helps with the strong (5.6%) beer.

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Although I was provided a complimentary night out with Size Matters Beer Tour,
the experience, opinions, and Deja Vu are my own.

So how does Size Matters rank?

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