Shaun tries plumbing, hilarity insues.

So another short work week and I’m off traveling, this time to the Dominican for my friend Justin’s wedding. Not quite sure I deserve a week off to sit in the sun and eat and drink as much as I can forcibly manage but am gonna take it.

Not much to report over the last week. Being home makes me realize how much work my house needs so its good to get away although I do kinda miss the work. Being old, my house has its share off problems. The plumbing for one has always been an issue as roots get into the drain and backs everything up. Last time this happened was a couple years ago. I came home after being off for a week to find my roommate and his girlfriend watching movies with scented candles lit. There was sewage backed up and instead of cleaning up he just lit candles. Nice. To prevent this from happening again I had the ingenious idea to run a pipe to the sump pump in the laundry room. This would take any backed up dish water and washing machine water into the pump and out of the house. I finished connecting everything and was very proud of myself. I threw a load of laundry in and went to do other things. When I came back to get my laundry I was surprised to find the room filled with water. It wasn’t because I lack simple plumbing skills, it was because I am simple and forgot to reconnect the washer drain. I left it on the ground for it to flood the room. Nice. Maybe its best that I am not home much to do work.

More to come.

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