Shaun hires a crackhead to re-roof his house

Shaun hires a crackhead to re-roof his house 2

Crazy legs, as Mike and I like to call him as he is really tall and incredibly sketchy, approached me about re-roofing my house. He seemed legit enough and I called some references and hired him. Why would I do such a thing? He offered to haul away the massive concrete mountain I had made and the price was right..almost. I ended up saving a few hundred dollars in the end but had to put up with this guy saying he would be here “tomorrow” for 2 weeks as well as him coming by and asking for more money up front. In the end the roof got done and it does look pretty good. A few discrepancies still have to be worked out on garbage removal but that should be sorted out by thanksgiving..or Christmas.

Here are some before and after shots:

As you can see it was a much needed job.

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