Shaun Fires a Crack head

Don’t get me wrong, the shingles look great and the concrete is finally gone, but dollar value aside, it came with a price. This guy creeped the be-geezus out of me and Mike. After hounding him to finish up what we had agreed on he had one thing left to complete, (2 if you include cleaning up the 100’s of nails left in my yard) reattach the eaves trough on my garage. After he did this I had to give him a physics lesson on how gravity works. It still took a couple days of insisting rain water would not drain from the lack of slope and finally filling the thing with hose water to prove my point. The day before I headed north for work he returned and took down the gutter. He told me he didn’t know what he was doing and said he had a guy who does eaves and was coming the next day. Fine. I asked if he could attach a drain at the front of the house to remedy a drainage problem. I told crazy legs I had no problem paying for materials as long as he provided receipts. “No problem, it will be done tomorrow.”

Fast forward a week. I get back from working up north. I’m tired, grumpy and found the work incomplete. I came home the next day to find Crazy legs doing the work himself and of course, doing it wrong. He added the drain in the front no where near the drainage issue and on top of that, he was using used materials. He frantically went on about how much aluminum eaves troughing is new saying it ran $10/foot and $30 per elbow. By his calculations the one drain would cost over $200 with new materials. He wanted $100 for the beaten up garbage he mostly likely “found.” On top of that he asked for the outstanding $150 I owed him. I said no and that I would gladly pay up once the job was done…properly. He proceeded to spaz about the cost of materials and that it would be done tomorrow. He even threaten to take what he did down and return it. Where?? I thought. The alley he found it in?? After arguing for a bit I told him I was going to the bank. Instead I went to a building supply store and priced out gutters. They came to just over $1.00/foot and elbows where $1.86…a far stretch from his $30! I returned home and lost it on the guy. I brought a store flyer with me and he still denied and refused to believe it was that cheap. I asked him if he thought I was an idiot to which he said no. I then asked him if he was an idiot to which he said nothing. I told him to take his tools and not come back. This is difficult to do when the guy drives a bicycle.

Update: Crazy legs had yet to pick up his stuff by the time I left for Toronto (September long) I asked Mike to snap a picture if he showed up with some sort of home built trailer attached to his bike. You know, made out of shopping carts or baby strollers. No such luck. It has been 3 weeks and no Crazy legs sightings to report. Also, the drain he added in the front of my house blew off yesterday. Awesome.

Lesson: If your gonna hire a crack head to do something:

1.) expect the worse and
2.) Low ball. He’s probably desperate.

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