The Secret to Protecting Your Valuables on Long Haul Travels

It’s safe to say that preparing to embark on a long haul flight can be a challenge for many reasons. For instance, you may wonder how to keep the kids entertained for eight hours, or how to get some sleep in those seats.

What’s more, you may have valuable items that you’re worried about damaging or misplacing on the journey. With that in mind, read on to discover some useful tips from the protection experts over at the Case Farm, focusing on unique ways in which you can protect your valuables on long haul flights.

Make it easy to identify your bag

When you think about it, most travel bags do more or less look the same as one another. So, whether you’re checking in your bag or taking it on the flight, it’s important that you take the steps to ensure they can be easily identified. As well as securing your bag with a name tag, you may also want to attach a ribbon or a lanyard to it. The helps to make your luggage is that little bit more identifiable to you. Trust us, in regards to the rise in airport luggage theft, you’ll most certainly want to take this precautionary measure.

Place your carry on bag where you can see it

When it comes to the security of your carry-on, ensure that your bag is stored close to your seat. It is best practice to place your luggage directly across the aisle from where you’re sitting. If this spot is taken, either place your bag under the seat in front of you (if possible) or find an alternative close spot where your luggage can still be in sight.

Know the details of your travel insurance

In the unfortunate event that your luggage does go missing, it’s important that you’re aware of the regulations of your travel insurance policy. Your policy should inform you of what you can claim back when the worst comes to worst. Don’t have travel insurance? Well, for the security of your valuables, it’s vital that you invest in a policy. When choosing which provider to go for, make sure to carry out extensive research beforehand, and focus explicitly on baggage cover.

Keep your most valuable items together

The way in which you pack your items is just as important as how you store them. When you’re deciding what goes where in your luggage compartments, keep your most valuable possessions in one place. This way, you’d easily know if one piece of equipment has gone missing. Most importantly, make sure that all of these items are safe and sound in your carry-on luggage. After settled in your seat, the last thing you’d want is to realise that you’ve put your laptop in your checked ba!

Pack and store your items carefully

You’re going on a long haul flight, so chances are the items in your luggage are going to be thrown about during the journey. Because of this, it’s important to pack and store your possessions carefully and sensibly. A top tip here is to use pieces of clothing or perhaps bubble wrap to protect any fragile electronic devices. As well as this, if any items are going into luggage compartments, ensure that these compartments are zipped up.

Have you considered using custom foam?

At the end of the day, we are talking about your most prized possessions, whether that’s your expensive laptop or your precious camera equipment, for example. While protecting these items with your clothes and bubble wrap may be a good idea, you may want to invest in custom cut foam in order to shield them further.

The custom cut foam will help to prevent any damage to these items. Another great thing about custom cut foam is that its material is completely reusable. This means that no matter how many times you fly, your foam will always retain its bounce and maintain its protective qualities.

Have a happy flight!

And there you have it – the secret to protecting your valuables on long haul travels! When travelling, there’s no doubt that the safety and security of your luggage will be of paramount importance to you, and so we hope that this guide has given you some peace of mind. As mentioned, you can purchase custom cut foam inserts from manufacturers such as Case Farm. For more protective solutions, browse their website today.

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