Saying Yes to San Fran

It’s easier than you think.

I can’t remember exactly how it started. I think it was a dare that got away from me. I remember sending an email to my friend Justin with details of an outdoor festival in San Francisco in which Radiohead was headlining the opening night. Not being able to afford to go or able to take much time off work (my 2 week road trip drained both those accounts) and not thinking he would bite on it, I figured it was a harmless message. Well, he called my bluff. That email quickly snowballed from “Cool, look whats going on in San Francisco” to “Cool, looks like were going to San Francisco.” A positive attitude and the notion of saying yes to everything is tough on the pockets…

But it is Radiohead (one of my favourite bands) in San Francisco (one of my favourite cities). Nuff said. Yes to San Fran.

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