San Sebastian – Welcome to Paradise

San Sebastian - Welcome to Paradise 3

San Sebastian – Welcome to Paradise

So we took a night train from Paris and it was pretty miserable. Between a dry cough and Jon’s snoring I got very little sleep. We arrived tired and bitter. That soon changed when we saw the beach and ocean. Its great that we could hop on a train and wake up somewhere so beautiful and somewhat warm.

We spent the last couple days wondering around and enjoying the weather. Not quite shorts weather but we wore them anyway. We met a couple German girls and have been partying with them as they seem to be the only other English speaking people here. Today we are hurting as last night was a late one and both Jon and I have picked up a cold.

Most likely off to Madrid tomorrow. Until then, San Sebastian – Welcome to Paradise.

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  1. Avatarsays: Your mom

    I’m so glad you got to connect with Emma. We were just looking at the pictures of Australia and then our visit to Paris and Emma’s vist to Yellowkife last year…the friends you meet while traveling will provide opportunities to see their parts of the world as well. Now a visit to China will be that much easier!!!

    Sorry I just missed you on msn.

    Great pictures!!!Keep them coming!!

  2. Avatarsays: Dave

    While you’re eating fancy european pastries, we’re here having Krispy Kreme! Jealous? … You’re jealous.

  3. Avatarsays: Brandon Parent

    I just read the article on your brother visiting here and then say you have too! Man you weren’t kidding about travel being in the family!

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