Want to Learn Sailing? Plan an Amazing Summer Holiday in Greece in 2019

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The charm and wonder of Greece span centuries of history, culture, and spectacularly gorgeous locations. From the tops of mountains to sunny beaches on the Mediterranean to ancient ruins, a summer holiday in Greece is a superb idea for 2019! But what’s the best way to beach-hop between the 6,000 Greek islands in style?

Yachting your way through the beautiful islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas is the most romantic, special, and fascinating way to soak up the sun on your summer holiday. You can learn how to sail, you can charter a boat, and you can sit back and relax with some of the most breathtaking sights the world has to offer!

Planning this once in a lifetime trip doesn’t have to be a pain. Though the options are plentiful, don’t stress about the details. There are many amazing companies and programs that offer tours, yachting leases, and detailed itineraries.

That way you don’t have to suffer through driving through Crete, or spending a night in a last-minute hostel! But if you’re looking to simplify scheduling out your summer, here are some great tips for planning an amazing summer holiday learning how to sail in Greece!

Yachts of Choice!

Chartering a yacht isn’t just for the rich and famous! Just like planning ahead and making a reservation at a hotel, booking a yacht for your holiday is an exciting seafaring hideaway! It is honestly one of the best ways to spend the summer vacation time you worked so hard for.

Learning how to sail with your partner, your family, or a large group of friends will make this experience filled to the brim with activities, gorgeous views, and a lot of fun. There are lots of different types of yacht charter that you can choose from. Here is a breakdown to help simplify your search to find exactly what you want!

Types of Boats

  • Flotilla. Learning how to sail with your friends and family can be a huge part of your summer holiday in Greece. With a flotilla exploration of the picturesque Grecian islands, you’ll be able to take a week, take two weeks, or sail until your heart is content. Whether you’re new to sailing or want to stretch your legs and get your family to fall in love with the sea, there are so many Itineraries, pre-planned holidays, and various yachting options. Experienced companies like Ocean Elements have the knowledge, the years of experience, and the holiday of your dreams already ready for you.
  • Skippered. The skippered experience, much like the flotilla, is a fun, safe, and relaxing atmosphere for the whole group! A skippered yacht charter is basically being chauffeured around the beautiful seas, enjoying the summer sun, and truly immersing yourself in your Greek holiday. The knowledgeable and experienced skippers will weave you through the many islands so you can learn and explore without having to worry about the journey!
  • Bareboat. Do you have a sailing certification? Have you been sailing your whole life? Are you basically a pirate in a tourist’s outfit? Then a bareboat charter is for you. Bareboat charters are where you can rent out the yacht or sailboat free of any type of crew member. You have to be a qualified with an ICC, or Day Skipper/Coastal Skipper qualification.

Your summer holiday in Greece can be as slow and steady as you’d like, can help you get your sea legs back with some sailing lessons, and can even give you a chauffeured experience! So grab your favourite swimsuit, smear on the sunblock, and relax. A yacht charter will not only help you see the spectacular Greek coastlines and islands but will make for a memorable trip!

Should You Stay or Should You Sail?

With planned holidays, sometimes you have to choose between the destination and having an adventure. With stay and sail holidays, you can have a dual vacation that not only allows you to explore the islands and sea but will also let you keep to the land! Spend one week at a beach centred retreat, then the next exploring the seas on a private yacht!

It really is the best of both worlds! Week one would be filled with water sports like paddle boarding, dinghy sailing, and windsurfing. The spectacular facilities also offer fitness classes and mountain biking! Not to mention family-focused activities like a kid’s club that caters to children and teens. Before you set sail on week two, you can even take a beginner’s course to walk you through everything you’ll experience on the sea!

Make sure you schedule in day trips to the many fascinating Greek cities and ancient historical sites. Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Naxos, and sites like Delphi! If the price is an issue, then visiting a beautiful place like Mykonos with a tight budget in mind is an excellent option. You can get experience the wonders of mainland Greece, then set sail for week two!


The second-week options for your stay and sail holiday in Greece will be putting everything you’ve learned on the land about sailing into practice! Spend the week on your flotilla, or your skippered yacht, enjoying the splash of saltwater as it hits the deck of the ship you are sailing yourself! Your entire group of friends, or your whole family will love putting their yacht knowledge to work!

All About Learning!

You can also plan a holiday that will be all about learning how to handle yourself on the high seas! That’s right, you can start a sailing course that will not only include learning how to sail for yourself on a flotilla, but will let you experience the joys of Greece at the same time.

The beginners course will walk you through a four-day experience that is great for both novice sailors, and for individuals who want to brush up on their experience! The hands-on course will provide on-the-water training with an experienced instructor, and a few other skippers to help. You’ll leave your Grecian holiday with some spectacular holiday photos but with a Level Two Yacht Cruising certificate!

This course can be included in any one of your chartering experiences except for the bareboat charter. Learn how to get out of irons, tacking and gybing wind awareness, and the five essentials of sailing! (Course made good, trim, balance, sail setting, and centreboard/keel).

Your course will also cover the basic terms like port, starboard, windward boat, power/sail, and overtaking boat. The course can even be booked into your stay and sail vacation plans! Get certified so that your 2019 sailing adventure in Greece can be the first of many holidays spent on the water!

Come, Sail Away!

Your amazing summer holiday in Greece is all up to you! You can pick from a variety of chartering options, learn how to sail with a certified course, or stay half on land, half on the sea! You can choose to take it slow and steady or try to visit as many islands as possible. Get your feet out of the sand and onto the yachting trip of your dreams with your amazing 2019 summer holiday in Greece!

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