Vaping is becoming more and more popular as an activity for many categories of people. Youth vapes a lot, adults do vape a lot, even some senior people vape. It seems that vaping is becoming a hobby for everybody.

Having such a hobby, people may face a wide range of problems. These problems vary from the agony of choosing to the possible arrests in the airports. You would ask what all of these mean. The answer is pretty simple: so many countries, so many rules.

It is not a secret that the authorities of different countries may have a different attitude to the same social phenomena. Yes, we may call vaping a social phenomenon, because the speed of its spread is high and vapes are winning all hearts.

Therefore, due to some regulations, even the best vape mod may put you into jail. It is important to note that we are talking not about the actual process of vaping, but even about the storage of this, highly popular within the USA, device. There also exist plenty of stories, when a traveler was forced to throw away the most expensive vape mod because the device was banned in the country of his destination.

To avoid troubles abroad, you have to scrutinize all the possible dangers of having your best box mod (the original source) with you. Here also belong your e liquids or other fillings for the device. To make it easier to clear up what demands you may face with, we have analyzed several regulations from different countries and will give you (1) a list of possible problems and (2) a list of ways to avoid those problems.


Traveling with a Vape Problem #1. The very first problem is that you may travel to the country where there is a ban on vaping . This may mean that the actual presence of vape box mod kit in your luggage already is a problem.

Traveling with a Vape Problem #2. In many airports, smoking or vaping as a fact is banned. For sure, vaping on a plane is forbidden, so no choice.

Traveling with a Vape Problem #3. Not many people know about the rules of packing vapes while taking them on the board.


Solution #1.The solution to problem number one is quite easy. The first thing you have to do is to decide if you are ready to give up on the idea of vaping during your travel. If yes, you would not face any problems. If the answer is no, then the very first step is to become familiar with the list of countries, where there is a ban on vaping. To make your life easier, we put the short list below:

Brazil, Cambodia, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Seychelles, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Note: Be aware of the fact that the list may change with time!

It is complicated to give you a full list because some countries have quite confusing laws on vaping.

  • For instance, the Indian states of Jammu, Karnataka, Kashmir, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mizoram, and Punjab have a very strict ban on using vape mods; however, the rest of India is entirely ok with vaping.
  • The other perplexing regulations are that, for example, in Hong Kong, selling vapes is illegal, but using them is legal.
  • An interesting situation is also in Canada. If you are under 19. Vaping is prohibited for you.
  • The other strange example may be Australia and Japan. In these countries, the liquid nicotine is illegal; though using vape mods is ok.
  • In Norway, you are allowed to vape, but not in the public establishments. Also, the use of nicotine with vaping is also banned.

If you have found that the country, you are traveling to, prohibits vaping, it is better to think of possible substitute of vape mods. Again, it depends on the country. The more drastic decision is to change the state of the destination.

Solution #2. This solution is similar to the first one. If you believe that you cannot spend your time in the airport without vaping, look if the airport has a special place for smoking and vaping. The approximate list of such airports:

Budapest, Tampa, Barcelona, Melbourne, Philadelphia, Mallorca, Chennai, Vegas (McCarran), Toronto, Cancun, Marrakesh, Cairo, Madrid, Lisbon, Heathrow, Auckland, Francisco, Athens, Nice, Milan, Warsaw, Vienna, Miami, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Florence, and Dulles.

Note: Be aware of the fact that the list may change with time!

Solution #3. The significant point here is to stick to the rules of transporting vapes of a chosen airline. Although yourselves should always check this, we are listing some of the basic instructions on packaging vape mods. Before you go to the airport, it is essential to make sure that:

  • you have your vape bag or vape carrying case;
  • any extra batteries are in compliance with airline rules
  • there is no magnet or anything that, theoretically, can ignite the battery, next to it;
  • all the devices for vaping are off, and there is no option for them to start working unexpectedly;
  • the e liquids are in a special transparent bags; each bag should contain a maximum of 100 mL. The total sum of the e-liquid cannot be higher than 1L per person;
  • charge your device before departing from home as you can not charge on the aircraft.
  • prepare your things from possible leaks (they are possible because of the air pressure change).

When you have arrived at the airport, take care of the following issues:

during screening, liquids from carry-on baggage must be separate from the other stuff;

  • do not use your vaping device and do not unpack it.

The other very important tip is that your vape box mod kit should always be in your carry-on.

The rules when travelling with a vape are as simple as that; however, there may exist some extra points depending on your situation. To be on the safe side, you would better check all the lists above, because the rules change from time to time.

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