Welcome to the Rock NFLD! 1

Welcome to the Rock NFLD!

I was told that Newfies are friendly folk. It didn’t take me long to figure this out as I was trapped, “conversationally” speaking, by my cab driver. For 20 min or so I sat parked in front of my hostel listening to his views on politics, philosophy, and Bin Laden. Nice guy but he was cutting into my George street time!

I spent my first day wondering around Signal hill. I started walking up in mild weather but by the time I got to the top the fog rolled in and the view disappeared. I was in no hurry so I took in the museum like display on Marconi. This is where he successfully received the first wireless signal across the Atlantic. This may be boring to you but Im a bit of a nerd at heart and love this stiff.

The fog started to lift so I walked the area for a couple hours stopping for a packed lunch and pictures. The area is beautiful and so scenic, made for a great day. Reminds me of the barren lands in the NWT…but with the ocean…and people.

After a long day of hiking I was ready to tackle George street. Had a few drinks at the hostel with a couple people I had met then we wereoff. It’s a safe bet to say we took back the night cause I didn’t get up till 3:00 pm the next day. I was hurting but man it was fun. So many cool bars and great music. A couple years ago Jon’s dad called me from one of the bars so I could listen in. He knew that this was a place for me and he was so very right. I may not even get out of St.John’s! Im planning to get up to Bonavista and Trinity for some hiking and kayaking. For now I’m getting ready for a Friday night on George st. Welcome to the Rock NFLD!

Wish me luck.

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