Road Trippin to the Sasquatch Music Fest

Road Trippin to the Sasquatch Music Fest 11

Road Trippin to the Sasquatch Music Fest








Since getting Blue I have put on over 10,000 KM. A chunk of those K’s were from the drive home from LA but I have done a couple road trips since. One being the Sasquatch festival in Washington state.

First I headed to Vernon to pick up Cort before heading south of the boarder and Road Trippin to the Sasquatch Music Fest. The Gorge is an amazing site, such a great place for music. Fueled by cheap American booze, it was a long but entertaining weekend.

Some notable acts:

Cold War Kids
Death Cab for Cuttie
The Hives
Flight of the Conchords














Next trip was heading north to Grand Prairie to visit Taj and go to, of all things, a rodeo:

These little trips and landscaping has occupied most of my free time this summer. I will post some pics on that soon.













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