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Something or someone didn’t want us returning to New York…or at least in a timely fashion. It took us over 3 hours to get to our hotel from the airport.

Let me break it down:

It took 45 min to get from the runway to the terminal. It took an hour to get our bags because there was a problem with the belt system. Clearing customs took an extra 1/2 hour because the customs officer forgot to stamp my immigration card. It took over 1/2 to get to the terminal with the subway connection because of a problem with the Skytrain. It kept going back and forth between the same few terminals.

All in all, it took almost as much time to get from the airport to the hostel as it did return to New York from Iceland. You think that would have bothered us but no, we just laughed it off cause really, what else would you do?

It was pushing 4:30 am Iceland time when we got settled in the hostel but we were both a little wired. We headed out and ate the best pizza U have ever had (even better than in Italy!) then had a beer at a pub before the time change caught up with us.

The next morning we were both awake lying in bed listening to this squeaking noise. Scott was convinced it was a rat. Awesome, a true New York experience!

We got up feeling like it was noon, which was in Iceland. It was 8:45 in New York but that was good, we had a full day to explore the city. We ate breakfast at a deli then made out way to Trump Tower where we had coffee and discussed business strategies. Who else can say they have done that??? Besides Donald of course.

We carried on past Rockefeller centre and the NBC studios to central park. Strolled through the park, took a picture of some girls from Sarnia
(small world) then made our way to the museum of modern art. It was pricey but was worth it as they have Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” a painting I had hoped to see in Amsterdam. the museum also had some cool paintings by Dali, Monet, and Andy Warhol.

After getting our art on, we made out the way by the Radio City Music Hall and the CBS studio where they tape Lettermen, then t0 Carnegie Hall. My mother suggested we eat at the Carnegie deli cause ” They have great sandwiches” She failed to mention that they are huge! Kinda like a sandwich, you would picture John Goodman making. It was like Swhartz’s on steroids and was so [email protected] good! Scott and I split the “Woody Alan” (insert child marrying sandwich joke here) and could barely finish it. It was again, so good as were the pickles. By the photo’s on the wall it looks like anyone and everyone famous has eaten there. We dined with Bon Jovi, Bob Costa, and Alice cooper next to us.

After rolling our way out of the deli we walked…Slowly and painfully up to the Time Warner CNN studio then to where John Lennon was staying and where he was shot. There is a very nice memorial with the word “imagine” in the middle.

By this point the time and grotesque amount of food we just consumed caught up with us. We headed back to the hostel for a laydown. We needed our energy as it was Friday night in NYC and Erin was on returning to New York from Toronto just to party with us.

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