Relaxing like a Viking at the Sola Strand Hotel


Norway is known for its stunning fjords and incredible hikes, not its beaches. While planning my trip to the Stavanger Region I stumbled on nearby Sola beach and was surprised to see it named “world’s sixth-best beach” by The Sunday Times.  So when I had a chance to stay at the Sola Strand Hotel I jumped on it. Little did I know at the time, in doing so I was also staying at one of Norway’s most famous summer retreats.

Here’s why.

Kind of a Big Deal

Built-in 1914 as a beachfront restaurant, the Sola Strand Hotel began its interesting climb to becoming the beach destination of Norway. Over the years and through the World Wars the hotel hosted the Norwegian Air Force and subsequently became a German Solider HQ during the occupation. Suddenly the bunkers built into the sand out front made sense. Interestingly, today they are used for wine and whisky tastings for groups visiting the hotel.

Since wartime, the Sola Strand Hotel has hosted Kings, Queens, and everyone in between. This became clear as I stepped into my ocean view room. In the hallway on the wall are the famous faces of those who stayed in this very room…and what a room!

Sola Strand Hotel
Sola Strand Hotel

I couldn’t help but think about the time I stayed in Bill Clinton’s suite in Cape Town and how ridiculous that was. Hopefully sleeping in the same room as these powerful people will start rubbing off on me.

Relaxing Retreat

Even though I was visiting the Sola Strand Hotel hotel during late fall, a stroll on the beach was still a must. While walking along the sandy shore I couldn’t help but think of Vikings sunbathing, horned helmet and all. Even though it wasn’t warm enough for me to enjoy the water, this hotel can help you relax year-round in its amazing spa. Inside you will find cold plunge pools, ice bucket showers, saunas, and jet pools.

Turns out, Vikings really know how to relax.

What’s Nearby?

Truth be told, my stay was also a choice of convenience. I had an early morning flight and the Stavanger Airport is just minutes away. This makes the Sola Strand Hotel the nicest “airport” hotel I’ve ever stayed at. Still, there are other activities nearby making the Sola Strand Hotel a worthwhile choice, beach vacation or not. Surprisingly cool Stavanger and the nearby fjords are easily accessible by car as are the Sverd i fjell – Swords in Rocks. This “Game of Thrones-esq” art piece celebrates the historic Battle of Hafrsfjord that took place on the spot in the late 800’s. The result was King Harald Fairhair gathering all of Norway under one crown.

Cool story and an even cooler sight.

Stay Cozy

With its beachfront locale and close proximity to Stavanger Region highlights as well as the airport, the Sola Strand Hotel is a great choice for pleasure or business. The latter made better with a recently constructed conference centre with 5 meeting rooms and a total capacity of 300 delegates. Then there is the historic bar and fine dining yet relaxed restaurant.

All in all, the Sola Strand Hotel is a Norwegian Gem, Vikings in Speedo’s and all.

Sola Strand Hotel

 Sola Strand Hotel Good to Know

Room Rate: Check website for the latest rates!
Includes: Seaside room, access to spa and beach!
Don’t Miss: Stroll on beach, unwinding in the spa.

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