It’s A Christmas Miricale! – Refunded Celtics Tickets!

Refunded Celtics Tickets!

Once I got back from Boston I tried getting a hold of the guy whom sold me the Celtics tickets…the tickets I never got. I told him I appreciated the effort he went through in getting me the replacements but was not happy about paying $500 for them. To no surprise, he did not respond. Three emails and a week or so passed and nothing. I gave him negative feedback on eBay and opened a claim for the difference. Again, nothing. Another week passed and I finally heard from him. He not only refunded the difference but the entire $500! I was not expecting that.Refunded Celtics tickets!

Update: My projector died the other night. The replacement part is $700. Pretty sad cause that projector new is $500.

And thus the universe is aligned once again.

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