Punta Canada 12

Punta Canada

Cigars, lots of booze, and a lot of great food made up the majority of my Dominican trip. Oh, and there was a wedding somewhere in the middle.

A view of the resort and the beach.

All and all it was a great trip. The weather wasn’t the best until our last couple days but by that time I was so burnt I had to stay out of the sun as I could feel my flesh cook. Fun! It rained most nights but was welcomed as it cooled down the hot evenings.

Erin and I spent the first couple days in Punta Canada trying to get on the same time schedule as everyone else. We were pretty messed up from not sleeping in Montreal. The first night we stayed up late and crashed some college guys party as they brought copious amounts of booze with them to the Dominican. I guess none told them what all inclusive means. Pictured here is me playing bartender in their room. We poured drinks for everyone then left.

How creepy/crazy is that?

By the time we got adjusted to the lack of sleep we ended up staying up till sun rise drinking and playing guitar on the beach. It was a fun night and was highlighted by Justin’s impromptu skinny dip that caught everyone by surprise. We were all sitting around talking when we saw a white streak fly by in the moon light. Getting out of the water he used sea weed to cover up. From that I captured one of the most bizzar photo’s I have ever taken:

Other than the beautiful wedding other highlights were the food, the beach, the cigars, and the food. I always thought that all inclusive food would be like a high school cafeteria but it was really good. Really really good. The deserts were amazing and I don’t eat sweets that much. Not the case at the resort as I would pile it on.

We spent most of our time at the resort. Its pretty hard to even leave the room when the maids stock your mini fridge with muchos cervaza. We left the resort only once to go to a small market. There I saw how cigars are made and got to sample some. I ended buying a lot more than I will ever smoke so unless I have a child soon they will go to waste.

The view from our room – This is where the wedding was held.

Yes a great trip indeed but was really too short. I thought I would get bored sitting in the sun, reading, napping, and drinking and eating as much as my body could handle. I guess you learn things about yourself all the time. I learned that I can be a fat sweaty slob and still respect myself in the morning.

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