Professional Video Production Tips to Edit Vacation GoPro Videos

Looking for tips to edit vacation GoPro videos? You’re in good hands. I’m an adrenaline junkie and my investment in GoPro and a selfie stick were one of the best investments of my life. It allows me to capture cool shots around the glove and, most significantly, it’s totally on my budget. Besides, it’s a waterproof and compact camera.

GoPro has a fisheye effect and a very wide-angle lens. These things help you to capture everything around you including yourself. Though it costs a bit more than other cameras which are very simple. But trust me, it’s worth every single buck because it gives you 4K resolution. You don’t need to lug around with a DSLR carrying a lot of extra lenses and having a headache of being wet or dropped. You can ultimately show off your videos on social media. You have purchased a GoPro but now you don’t know GoPro video editing or how to capture and edit your vacation video. If that is the case for you, you can consider heading over to Gopro Camera Solutions for further assistance and guidance on the best cameras to use for your lifestyle or projects.

A Suitable Software

First up on this list of tips to edit vacation GoPro videos is all about the software you use. You need to optimize software that synchronizes with your skill level. I always recommend Adobe Premiere or InVideo or Final Cut but you need to have some idea of utilizing them. You can only utilize them well when you have some idea of their interfaces. You can also choose iMovie. But Adobe Premiere or InVideo or Final Cut allows you to have each and every tool at your fingertips.

Music Is An Important Factor

Music just takes your video to the next level. Most significantly, if you want to edit some kind of action sports video, then music is a must for you. You have to choose the music carefully because it can make or even break your entire video. It’s not obvious that you have to pick the latest famous song. You should pick the one that matches your video style. And it’s always wise to be different. Your video should synchronize with the music so that it can be able to draw the attention of the viewers.

Pay Attention to Sound Effects

GoPro only picks up the sound of the wind. As a result, you have got to the ad in landing sound effects when you are actually filming out of the case. They are great and the best part is, you can reuse it again and again.

Every Transition is Not Important

There are tons of fancy transitions in editing software. But it doesn’t mean that you have to use them all. It’s very amateur to have 30 different transitions. Professional editors only use noir fade between two shots and it varies on the timing. I don’t mean that you have to do the same. What I’m trying to say here is, you should use the transitions that are necessary and look good in your video.  

The Pace Should Be Even and The Clip Length Should Be Consistent

Nothing is more important than an even placed film. Whether you produce a fast-paced movie with loads of quick cuts or a slower film and a long one, you have to keep up the consistency. You can even change the speed of your video in the middle. It’s really great to do this with videos that have music.

Colour Balancing Is The King

You need to adjust the colours of your clips otherwise there will be no consistent feel to your entire film. Colour balancing helps you to bring that consistent film in your videos. Colour balancing allows adding a high-contrast-saturated look or a washed-out retro feel. You can make your footage look great by using this technique. Otherwise, your video will only be a reason for a frown on your viewer’s forehead.

Use Slow Motion Carefully

Next up on these tips to edit vacation GoPro videos is to not overdo the editing. Slow-motion is a cool technique and films that are edited in slow motion are usually great ones. But it’s wise to use the technique very carefully. When you utilize a slow-motion technique, you let the viewers focus on the things that they can’t be able to focus at a normal speed. So, you have to consider whether this technique is beneficial for you or not. If yes, then you’re all set to go.

Copyright Issues Takes Your Video Down

It’s very disheartening when you spend a lot of time to match the music and then YouTube rejects it because of copyright issues. Make sure that you make clear of the copyright issues before adding any music to your video. In the end, it’s the music that matters the most.

Give Credit Accordingly

Sponsors play a great role in video production. But you should limit the place and time for it. Because it’s disturbing to watch 1 minute of sponsor logos. So, it’s wise to consider the placement of the sponsor products so that the viewers would not feel any hesitation. You should also give the credits to the people who helped you out through your whole video-making process.

If you want to get the most out of your GoPro video, you have to edit the video. After reading this whole article, I hope you will be able to edit your vacation GoPro videos and take it to the next level. Facing problems is a very normal matter. You will only get to learn by facing problems and making mistakes. So, keep patience and keep practising until you reach the top level of it.

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