Prague to Berlin 2

Prague to Berlin

Our last night in Prague was a late one. We ended up at a club where we met some American girls. They have been traveling for the last few weeks as they are on a break from school in Paris. Ironically, or more so scary, they have been following the same path as us (Turin, Interlaken, Munich, Prague…) I think we have stalkers….cute ones so its ok.

After a fun night we stumbled our way back to the hotel to get a whole 3 hours of sleep. We keep saying that we wont do that anymore…makes for a rough departure.

Prague to Berlin – via Dresden.

From Prague we went to Dresden, a small city in Germany that was heavily bombed late in the war. They are just now starting to fully rebuild the city. We arrived late in afternoon so we did not get to see much.

Had a very good meal there. I finally bought a note pad to keep track of these places. Available on request…small fee of course.

Next stop, Berlin.


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