Picturesque Amsterdam – How to Capture Instagram Worthy Pictures of This Beautiful City

Instagramming Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. The Dutch capital is known for its well-maintained canals, and beautiful architecture. Everywhere you lay your eyes, you will find something that is worth staring at. Each corner in Amsterdam has a story to tell, and it does so visually. 

Aesthetic, serene, picturesque – these are the words that come to mind when you enter Amsterdam. However, even in a city this beautiful, you can always find something that stands out. And even if you cannot do so, you can always make the pictures you take stand out.

Given how magnificent it looks, it should not be a problem taking aesthetic and Instagram-worthy pictures of the city. Yet, if you want to do it right and make your pictures stand out, here are a quick few tips that you should follow.

Choosing the Perfect Location

No matter where you look, Amsterdam will always appear beautiful. The city is built to captivate people’s hearts, and it does so magnificently. Even then, certain places in the city are more beautiful than the rest.

There is the corner of Sint Olof Steeg, a place where the buildings meet the canals directly. This place has no sidewalks, so it feels as if the houses are rising from the canals. Then you have the bridges at Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht intersections, which look great at night, thanks to some incredible lighting around them.

Then we have the Zuiderkerk Church, corner of Kalkmarkt and Binnenkant, and the Rijksmuseum. Along with these beautiful places, you can also take a quick trip to the flower markets of Amsterdam for a more colourful experience. 

Taking Pictures in Different Weather Conditions

The aesthetics of your photos will vary depending on the weather. 

On a rainy day, you should focus more on taking pictures of the scenery around the canals or open tulip fields. The rain will give these places a lively look. Check the weather forecast for Cloudy days in Amsterdam if you want to do some architecture photography, portraits, or include some sky in your pictures. 

Cloudy days provide dramatic skies for perfect backgrounds and diffuse the daylight for portraits. So keep a close eye on the local weather data, and aim for a partly cloudy day to take pictures that stand out.

Cloudy days are also good for taking pictures of the scenery around Amsterdam’s canals. The lack of natural lighting will make for some aesthetic pictures. Although gloomy, the photos will look great on Instagram.

Sunny days are always good for taking vivid pictures. Tulips will look more vibrant under the sunshine. Depending on the time of the day, you should also use the sunlight to capture still images of the buildings around the canals.

Including Certain Elements from Amsterdam or the Netherlands

Since you are capturing images of a city, it is only logical that they will have elements that have a close connection to the place. That means it is likely that certain visual elements of Amsterdam or the Netherlands, in general, will find their way to your photos. And even if they do not, it is your job to make sure that they are vividly portrayed in your pictures.

Canals or narrow waterways are very common in Amsterdam. They should be part of the background in most, if not all, of your pictures. Sometimes, the canals can also be the centre of focus. Along with the canals, you will also have boats. You will find these boats in various shapes and designs. So keep an eye out for that as well.

Apart from canals, you should also capture the city’s beautiful architecture through your lens. Amsterdam is known for its narrow canal houses and its Dutch Baroque architecture. This type of architecture is not that common in the rest of the world and will make for unique pictures. You should also keep an eye out for windmills. They too represent Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Tulips and bicycles are also key elements that can be present in your photos. If you were to include all these elements in a single frame, it could be something as simple as a bicycle standing on a bridge over a canal, with tulips inside the basket, and beautiful Dutch architecture in the background. Can you visualize the picture in your mind?

These simple photography tips will help you take captivating and Instagram-worthy pictures of Amsterdam. Whether you are using a smartphone or a professional camera, as long as you stick to these, your photos are sure to look great.

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