Toga’s, Ouzo and Redbull

Toga's, Ouzo and Redbull

Pink toga’s, plenty of Ouzo and red bull (Greek) and vodka makes for one hell of a birthday party. Had a blast but have paid for it the last 4 days. Picked up a terrible cold and sore throat and have been in bed wanting to die ever since. Finally went to the doctor today (after hiking 1 hour uphill to the pharmacy) to get some anti-biotic. Already feeling better. The doctor even threw in some muscle relaxers for the inflammation. Can’t complain much anymore. Threw a wrench into my Norway plans but really do not want to travel sick. Maybe more Ouzo and Redbull will cure me?

I will update more when I have more than bed sores to talk about.

In the mean time, pray for Shaun.

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