OTR Vancouver 3

OTR Vancouver

The reality of the games hit close to home as the OTR Vancouver (Olympic flame relay) made its way through my neighbourhood some 27 hours before the opening ceremonies. Nice of you to stop by…finally. From the roof of my new home I got a great view of the longest single country torch relay in history. The 105 day old fire flickered its way past a crowd of screaming children, beaming parents and one very proud 29 year old fan.

There was little time for me to take it all in. A few blocks down the relay line at city hall it was rumoured that Steve Nash was to run with the flame. Being a huge fan I was not going to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. With city hall 9 blocks away, traffic routes temporarily jammed, a massive crowd, and 4 flights of stairs to head down I was very impressed that I made it in time. To minimize any delays I actually prepped my trip by unlocking doors, putting my shoes out and even Google mapping the short distance for the best route to avoid the crowd. It payed off as I made my way to the front of the line where the torch was to turn the corner at 12th and Cambie just minutes before the relay arrived. I was giddy. Absolutely giddy. Many sleep deprived months and caffeine filled days led up to this small but meaningful reward. As the flame turned the corner and came into view my heart sunk a little as a rather odd looking 2 time NBA MVP jogged her way past me. Rumors of Steve Nash’s City Hall location were false. Thank you very much internet. This disappointment was short lived as I realized again how cool it was to be there and experience it…twice in less than 15 minutes. Plus the adrenaline from driving on a sidewalk to get there was still pumping…

Steve Nash or not I stuck around long enough to enjoy the OTR Vancouver and take in some of the ceremony at city hall which was great. The city was coming alive and you could see and feel it. Being able to hold a still warm torch was OK too…

Day 1 coming up!








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