One long and itchy month.

One long and itchy month.

Just like a bad mustache, Movember has come and gone. I am now left with a very cold and very naked upper lip. The upside, I no longer frighten small children AND I raised $600!!! That’s almost double my initial goal of $250…wait…


That $600 is apart of a record breaking $19+ million raised by Canadian men. That is first amongst the 6 countries officially participating. Amazing isn’t it? All that $$$ over being acceptably lazy. I barley even had to move my hairy lip to generate donations. I let my fingers do most of my soliciting via the interweb. My very first donation came from a friend on the 2nd place Australian team. He was doing the exact same thing (only looking worse if that is possible) on the other side of the globe! You know, this internet thing just might make it after all.

For those of you who did not donate, you don’t know what you were missing. Well actually you were missing this video clip I was personalizing and sending out as a thank you:

For those with the larger donations, thank you thank you. Your reward is on the way.

Despite my mother insisting I looked like Inspector Clouseau (and for some reason liking it) and Erin’s strange attachment to it, the stache is no mo. It was a bit odd today as I felt like I had “phantom mustache” I found myself repeatedly going to scratch or rub it. On a conscious level, It will not be missed.

Anyway, THANKS !!!!

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