Once in a Lifetime Holiday Experiences

We all remember when “YOLO” was around; that slightly annoying yet also somehow teasing abbreviation about life and how you only get it to experience it once. It wasn’t uncommon to hear people saying it in casual conversation, or to see it in a text message from that aunt. (You know, the one who feels obligated to send some motivation to the rest of the family, bless her)

But while many people might think of the “YOLO” craze as silly, there’s definitely some truth to it: we’re here and we’re alive, and we might as well enjoy it. Here’s a full list of experiences that only come around once in a lifetime – experiences which will not only delight us, but also serve as a reminder of how lucky we are to be here.

1) Shark Cage Diving in Durban, South Africa

once in a lifetime holiday

You’ve never had front row seats like these before. Travel to Durban, South Africa, where an intense, face to face encounter with the king of the ocean: the Great White Shark, awaits you. Tired of all those old nature documentaries talking about the level of salt water content in the oceans? Yawn. Jump in the water and feel the rush of being a direct witness to Jaws himself. This is a story you’ll definitely never tire of telling.

2) A Romantic Dinner at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

You’ve had romantic dinners before, most of us have. But very few of us have had a romantic dinner in a building that has marveled the world for over one hundred years. The Eiffel Tower in Paris hardly needs any introduction. Ever wanted to say: “Yeah, I’ve had dinner inside the Eiffel Tower.”? Of course you have. Feel the history, pop the champagne, and taste the richness and beauty of a truly iconic experience.

3)  Stay on your very own private island off Tanzania

While being stranded on an island definitely could be considered a once in a lifetime experience, you don’t need to be that extreme when ticking this one off your bucket list. Visit Thanda Island, a luxury private island that guarantees an experience unlike any other. Nestled in Tanzania’s Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve, Thanda Island offers a plethora of incredible experiences, including strolling along your own private 1,1km beach, kayaking, and getting to know all the incredible marine life of the area. Thanda Island isn’t a once in a lifetime experience – it’s several – all wrapped up into one amazing and luxurious package.

4) Getting Lost In Las Vegas, North America

Now, we don’t actually advise you get lost in Vegas for good, but let’s be honest, many of us would love to have a story that starts with: “Well, this one time in Vegas…” From its unending nightlife, to the jaw-dropping lights, casinos, and parties, visiting this infamous city is an absolute must. It’s also an experience you’ll never forget; assuming, of course, that you remember anything at all, but, then again, that’s part of the experience too!

5) A Hike through the Ancient Inca Trails, Peru

A hike that takes about four days, the Inca Trails of Peru are no joke. But this hike isn’t only about the destination, it’s about the journey too. Witness the incredible beauty of Peru with each step, all the while slowly approaching the otherworldly Machu Picchu, an Incan citadel built back in the 15th century. No one is entirely sure what the site was used for when the Incans were there, but we do know what you can use it for now: an opportunity to see real history right before your eyes. An experience unlike any other, an experience of a lifetime.

6) Attend Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest has to be the most famous beer festival in the world, attracting over six million visitors each year. They say you haven’t truly tasted beer until you’ve tasted German beer in Germany! Laughter, drinking, and good times all around, savor this unique experience of German culture one delicious beer and Eisbein combo at a time.

So, where do you even start? Well, we’d say follow your heart. It’ll lead you to amazing places and incredible experiences. And while the rest of the world is talking about how you only live once, you’ll be out there living that life to fullest. Because, just like you, the world has a lot to offer – and taking it up on that offer is exactly what traveling is all about. You really do only live once.

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