Nine Accessories for the Road Warrior

When you’re on the road, you won’t have the comfort of having everything at hand. There’s no telling what you’ll encounter or experience, but that’s exactly what makes travelling incredibly thrilling. But true road warriors know that travelling isn’t only about fun and exciting situations. Sometimes, things can turn out for the worse. When this happens, a road warrior should have the essentials to survive through the journey.

A Durable Overnight Bag

 On top of the list of every word warrior should have is an overnight bag containing all the essentials—spare clothes, several pairs of underwear and socks, backup shoes, a towel, among others. Your essentials should fit into one bag which you can carry in case you need to leave your car and stay in another place. Consider getting a high-quality military duffle bag that you can take anywhere you go.

Your First Aid Kit

Injuries can happen while travelling. That’s why it’s best to be ready with a first aid kit wherever you go, especially if you’re going far. Moreover, not every place you will visit may have the necessary supplies and facilities to deal with that kind of emergencies. Many times, first aid can be the difference between life and death. 

A Travel Flask

Water is a must-have when travelling and not every place you visit may have access to clean drinking water. You’re bound to get thirsty along the road so it’s crucial to bring enough to last for the whole journey. A good travel flask can keep your drink hot or cold (however you want it). Having one at hand is essential for a quick refill when there’s no bottled water available. It’s also more eco-friendly. Travel mugs don’t come cheap so you have to choose carefully before you buy one.

The Coziest Neck Pillow

Whether you’re going for a long drive or a lengthy flight, you’ll need to take a rest to make you last through your journey. That’s why a cosy neck pillow is absolutely essential when you’re on the road (or the sky). You won’t get a crick in your neck and sleep better when you use one. Here are other ways to make your make your travel pain-free.

A Warm Blanket

You can’t help getting cold, especially if you’re traveling at dawn or at night. Unfortunately, many airlines and hotels will charge you for an extra blanket. Save yourself the trouble, and bring your blanket to keep you warm. You don’t have to worry about adding extra weight on your luggage. There are many lightweight, breathable thermal blankets that are available now. 

Your Trusty Gadgets

Those who are always on the road understand the importance of having their trusty gadgets on hand. Whether you’re a freelancer or a full-time employee, it’s vital to stay connected. But the road can get bumpy which can be rough to your expensive gadgets. Luckily, you can use reliable Macbook Air case for your laptop, a protective case for your phone, and a special gadget bag for your other equipment to protect them from all the rough riding.

A Portable Battery/Charger

You smartphone and other gadgets are some of your defense against the boredom of long journeys. But long continuous usage can quickly drain their batteries. In times like these, you need a portable battery or power bank to make sure your entertainment doesn’t shut down before you do. The average smartphone has a 3,000mAh battery. With 20,000mAh portable battery, you can charge your phone multiple times and avoid boredom throughout the long journey. Some chargers are even powerful enough to jumpstart your car in case of emergencies.

A Handy Multi-tool 

A multi-tool is useful for all kinds of emergency. It can work as a bottle opener, a  cutter, a reamer, a screwdriver, and wire-stripper. Anything can happen on the road so it’s always good to be prepared. Carrying multi-tools with you can aid you in unexpected situations. It’s also more convenient than carrying individual tools. Here are some tips to find the right multi-tool for you. 

An Insulated Car Seat Organizer

A messy car is not the most conducive environment for a long journey. Rummaging through the back seat and trunk for stuff you need when you’re on the road will only stress you out. Lessen the stress of long travel by making sure you have everything you need in one place. An insulated car seat organizer can contain food, drinks, toiletries, and other essentials in one bag. It can keep the temperature of your food or drink for some time, so you can enjoy a cold drink along the road.

Final Thoughts

Travel is food for the soul. Many have said it, and many more have agreed. Travel provides you with unique experiences, different perspectives, new friends, and a renewed zest for life. But travel isn’t all about the good experiences. Sometimes, there are the bad, the uncomfortable, and at worst, the scarring. Seasoned travelers—road warriors—know that you can’t avoid these situations. The best thing you can do is to be as prepared as you can be, with the right accessories, skills, and attitude to come out on top.

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