Nice Nice

After a long day of traveling, Jon and I arrived in a very nice Nice. When I say long, I mean looooong. We actually got organized enough to get up at 630 and make our way to the train station where the only direct train to Nice departed. Of course when we arrived it was sold out. We had to take the milk run and finally arived at midnight. On the plus side of the trip, Jon got his Eurorail validated. My brother had the foresight to scan the original and email it to us. So all is well on that front.

Today we did ,much needed laundry and I am off to get my hair cut (gulp) I am nervous cause there is an insane amount of mullets in Europe. We call them EuroMullets. Even girls….mullets.

Fannie and Rachel have pictures of the euromullets they encountered; Maybe I can get them to post some. Hopefully I wont be posting my own with the language difference…NE PAS DE MULLET SI VOUS PLAIS!!!!!

I will post some pics of the last couple stops tomorrow.


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