My Weekend Off

I did absolutely nothing this past weekend. In fact I did more than nothing. I hung out in my own stink for 2 days and it was great. Now if this was every weekend I would hope that people would be concerned, maybe hold an intervention and bring cake but considering how little I am home these days, it was quite refreshing…and disgusting all at once.

I relaxed. I played guitar. I watched movies on my 90 inch screen. I ate cereal in my underwear. I had a great weekend. I was asked to go out Saturday night but didn’t want to ruin the streak. I was pretty fowl come Sunday afternoon. It was a good run.

Yes a very relaxing weekend indeed but I really did need it as this is my schedule for an upcoming great birthday week:

Vancouver Friday – Sunday
Toronto Monday – Wednesday
Las Vegas Wednesday – Sunday

Rest up, its gonna be a busy week.

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