If you have watched the news or read a paper in the last few months then you have probably heard about the island caretaker job put on by Tourism Queensland. This really is my dream job as it combines travel and blogging. As a bonus, you get paid to do it. Sold…but so are several other people as thousands have applied. Sadly the job will probably go to a bikini clad girl who is adventurous, jumps out of planes and “just likes to have fun.” That won’t stop me from putting my name in the hat. As I type this my 1 minute entry is being uploaded…good thing too as the deadline is hours away. Way to procrastinate Shaun…although you can’t really blame me, this past month has been a busy one. I have been to Banff, Canmore, and Vancouver…twice. Add a destroyed kitchen and bath tiling project and the average person would not have got off such a quality product. However those are all stories to follow. Right now I have a job to apply for…

Another reason why I put it off for so long is that I had no idea how to fill a whole minutes worth of talking about myself. 20 seconds seemed hard. I thought I could talk about my travel experience or my almost certified scuba license but I wanted to be different then the bland entries that are out there. I wanted to be entertaining. It wasn’t until 2 days ago that I woke up and had some ideas. Too many ideas actually. This made it hard to trim it down to under 1 min. No worries, that just means a blooper reel with some funny bits that didn’t make the application.

Other than trying to get some cheap laughs, the idea behind my application was to show that I enjoy writing , traveling, and more importantly, writing about traveling. I may not be a dive master, I sure can’t tell you what color fin a melon fish has (or if that is even a real fish) and I ain’t no rocket surgeon…but hopefully I can make you laugh. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather read about a scuba dive experience from someone who has never been there before..even more so if you the reader are a potential tourist and are wondering what it would be like for you? Well let me show you. I will post links once the video is on job website.

More to come…

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