My after Christmas, Christmas

My after Christmas, Christmas 8

As per my last post, Christmas for me was far from exciting. Thankfully Erin came to visit, and even better, she came bearing gifts. Christmas turned out OK for Shaun after all.
Erin’s family spoiled me with goodies as did Erin. As a sign of my appreciation/cop out for a Christmas gift, I made a 4 course meal. The menu included the following:

Soy and Ginger Salad Wedge
Homemade Miso and Corn Soup
Hobo Coconut Milk Tilapia

The hobo Tilapia was pretty interesting as the tilapia was steamed and served in a paper bag. Very tasty.

Before heading up to Yellowknife for some more home cooking, Erin and I checked out Candy Cane lane, 10 blocks of houses in Edmonton that were said to be highly festive with various light displays. Highly decorated they were not although one house did not disappoint. Here is a shot from inside one of the houses rooms:

Posting from YK to follow soon…

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