I could not be in a better mood right now.

Currently I am sitting in the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport drinking a chai tea frapacino and waiting for my flight to Orlando. The reason I am in a great mood isn’t because I will be spending the next 10 days in sunny Florida nor because I will be spending it with Erin. It isn’t because I opted to take a later flight out of Minnesota for a $300 flight voucher + meal vouchers, nor because I will be flying first class on the later flight. It is because I had one of those moments where you realize your life is good. As I was waiting in line for the flight I was about to change I was grumpy and tired and just wanted to be done with flying then it happened. I looked around and realized I was in an airport in Minneapolis. A week prior I was in Winnipeg and before that Niagara Falls. This produced a smile that would not go away. Things are great.

As I waited for my upgraded ticket a rather large and ornery lady that got bumped from the same flight was loudly talking on her cell phone. She was complaining about anything and everything. I felt bad for her. Not because she didn’t get on her flight but because she was so cynical about everything. Attitude goes a long way and I believe it can go as far as biting you in your over sized ass and get you bumped from your flight.

Then again, you could have just caught me on a good day.

Here comes the sun.

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  1. Avatarsays: Anonymous

    “It is not necessarily your aptitude…but rather your attitude…that determines your altitude in life!”

    Yes!! Attitude can make all the difference in the world! You are definitely on the right track!!

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