Mistakes to avoid during your trip to Europe

Are you heading on a trip to Europe and deep in the planning stage? Quickly review your itinerary to avoid common mistakes that will add unnecessary expenses to your travel costs. Whether you are booking a hotel, flights or train tickets, there are many important things to keep in mind.

Here are the things to avoid helping you cut down the travel cost:

Avoid over-packing your itinerary with too many destinations

Lots of travellers tend to over-pack their itineraries when planning trips to Europe and this is a natural tendency. Since vacation days are few and trips to foreign countries are rare, we always try to combine as many cities and countries in one single trip. However, this can be quite exhausting and also expensive. Over-packing too many trips in a few days means you will be spending more time on the road, spending more on cab, train and bus tickets. In extreme cases, it can also turn out to be a tiring and disturbing trip due to several hotel check-ins and check-outs. Just try to slow down so that you can at least explore and give more time to a particularly favourite destination and to save on transportation.

Avoid over-packing

Don’t race back to fly home

While looking for flights to Europe, don’t forget about “multi-city” and “open jaw” tickets. These tickets basically offer flights into one destination and return ticket to home from another but they can sometimes cost the same as round-trip flights.

Take for example if you’re flying from Atlanta to Paris and spending 10 days visiting France and Italy ending up in Rome, you should research for flights into “multiple destinations” or “multi-city” and search for Atlanta to Paris, and then Rome to Atlanta.

Don’t assume you need to rent a car from day one

Most travellers instinctively opt for renting a car for their one day trip in the city on the day they arrive starting it right from the airport pick up. However, you shouldn’t rent a car unless you have plans to spend at least one day in your arrival city. This way you can save on the rental and parking. For example, if you’re flying to Rome, spending two days visiting the city, and then you have plans to visit the rest of Italy, make sure to go for car rental on the third day of your trip. Opting for car rental on your way out of town will also give you flexibility in terms of pickup location in most major cities.

rent a car from day one

Look for rented apartments rather than booking a hotel

Most of the time you keep on searching and searching for that perfect hotel that can match your budget requirements but always remember when researching on major hotel reservation websites, most results are ranked and paid advertisements that the website wants you to book and therefore not always the best option. For budget travellers, it is a good idea to book serviced apartments in cities like London, Paris and New York. In most big cities, there are a large number of apartments available on rent for both long and short term stays.

If you are looking for a homely stay and want to live like a local, serviced apartments are the best option for you. These apartments are well furnished and equipped with all modern amenities to make your stay comfortable. Another good thing about these apartments is that you can cook your own food as per your liking. So start digging around to find good stuff.

rented apartments

Don’t forget to call your phone carrier

In case you want to use your phone abroad make sure to call your carrier before leaving and discuss your international options. Firstly, ensure that the handset you are using works abroad and is activated for international use. Then, call your phone carrier and discuss the costs associated with using your phone to place calls, send emails, texts, and access the internet. However, a top tip is to always stick to free Wi-Fi networks.

phone carrier

While you prepare yourself to take off for a big European adventure trip, keeping in mind these small details will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises later.


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