Meet The St.Amours cont…

Meet The St.Amours cont... 4

So I had problems uploading pictures…Again. Here are a few more of the family:

After a few relaxing days at my Grandparents cottage my mother and I were off to Sarnia to visit with my Aunt Ann and her family. There I spent a couple days playing with the cousins and got out golfing again with Mike and Griffin. We also went and saw Talladega nights which was hilarious. Shake and bake. After Sarnia my mom and I were off to Gananaque where she recently purchased a cottage in the thousand island’s area. It is a beautiful spot and I got a good idea why so many chose the cottage life. I am already salivating at the thought of visiting and vacationing there in the future. The previous owners were kind enough to take us for a boat tour around the islands (not all of them) There are some amazing houses in the area. One channel we went through was about 10 feet wide and separated the U.S. and Canada.

After a couple days in the area it was off to Ottawa. We arrived early in the afternoon and was a gorgeous day so we headed out to a buskers festival then walked around parliament hill. I had been to Ottawa a couple times prior but never in the summer. I had never seen things like the locks on the Rideu canal. It was very neat to watch boats slowly make there way up the canal as each section was opened and filled. Ottawa is definitely a beautiful capital city, right up there with all the great capitals of Europe I had seen. One thing I found very cool was while walking about I took a picture for some girls whom, based on how they were talking about and praising the city, I thought were tourist. Turned out they were locals. Can’t say I have been like that about any city I have lived in.

After a feast at the Keg we were off to parliament hill for a very neat light show. It was very “ra-Canada” but very cool.

The next day I dropped mom off at the airport and headed west to visit with my Dad’s side of the family. Stay tuned…

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